Friday, January 19, 2007

A perfect game...

A perfect game, for me, would have the following...

1. A fantastic national anthem singer & a crowd that really gets into it (ie. the Oilers' fans in the 2006 playoffs).

2. A fight with intensity and meaning (ie. Patrick Roy vs. Mike Vernon or Darren McCarty vs. Claude Lemieux- yes, I'm reliving those glory days).

3. A Steve Yzerman jersey retirement ceremony. Okay, since they can only happen once in a lifetime- anytime Yzerman is at the Joe Louis Arena for a game...

4. Great seats. Last year for my birthday, I sat in the first row behind the next right next to the zamboni pit. Those were fantastic seats.

5. High scoring game, okay but not too high, with the Red Wings winning in the end. A good example would be when the Wings beat the Oilers in 2OT in the playoffs last year. Unfortunately, that series went downhill quickly for Wings fans...

6. Catching a puck that flicked over the netting or into the crowd.

7. A loud and jumping JLA circa 1997.

8. Playing against a good team and not one that the Wings have owned a lot lately.

9. Solid refereeing. Lots of penalties and/or questionable calls ruin the fun (in my mind).

10. An amazing save by a goalie that makes your jaw just drop in amazement.

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