Saturday, January 20, 2007

Wherein the NHL Does My Job For Me

Dear NHL,
I know that you and I have had some disagreements over the years. I will never understand the flawed algorithm you use for your scheduling and sometimes your commissioner's head is just so darn large I can't help but want to squish it.

But I must say, bravo to your selection of Patrick Eaves and Andrej Meszaros to this year's YoungGuns team. Boy wonder Eaves has brought a great element to the team with his penchant for planting himself in front of the net and causing the goaltender grief. The commentators have said that perhaps he just doesn't know any better and that can be a pretty dangerous place to be. Still, stubborn as a mule he plants his ass in front of the net, causing the occasional slash and shove from disgruntled goalies. Good on you Eaves-y! Last year in just 58 games, he got 20 goals and 9 assists. This season, he got off to a slow start but has managed to get 10 goals and 14 assists in just 49 games.

Andrej Meszaros, he of the curly locks and hard to pronounce name is in his sophomore year in the NHL and may be going through a bit of a slump. Perhaps he's missing his fellow Slovak Zdeno Chara. He played all 82 games with the Senators last season and amassed 39 points. He was also second in plus/minus that season, finishing off with a +34.

So really, I have no complaints about the selection and feel that my team was nowhere in the least slighted. Last season, the team was the second youngest in the league, even with Old Man Hasek skewing the average. Really, everybody else on the team is over 25 so it's not like any of them would qualify.

Well Antoine Vermette, Anton Volchenkov and Ray Emery are all turning 25 this year. And Jason Spezza was born in '83. Come to think of it why didn't you choose them? I know they're not on entry level contracts anymore [thanks Heather B.!] but still! Vermette has a penchant for scoring highlight reel goals and Volchenkov is leading the league in blocked shots right now. And Emery has his own rap song for crying out loud!

That's the second time you've denied Spezza's the YoungGuns game as he could have gone in 2004 as well. Or MAYBE, just MAYBE, you understand that my boys need to be well rested to have a good second half and make a legitimate playoff run. Wouldn't want another repeat of Hasek and his Pop-o-Groin. Is this all part of your great and grand conspiracy? If so, thanks! If not...thanks!

Love always,

P.S. Speaking of Hasek, when are you betting on? Mid-February? Late March?


Heather B. said...

Are all those guys still on their entry level contracts? Because if they've been re-signed to any kind of extension for more money, that eliminates them. I started to get annoyed about Jason Pominville not making it but that's why he doesn't qualify.

I like that Eaves kid.

As for Hasek, I'm going with a week - maybe two - before the playoffs.It has to be late enough in the season that his back-up isn't very sharp thereby screwing his team good.

Sherry said...

HAHA, no none of them are except for Mez and Eaves but I figured hypothetically they'd still be viable options.

I'll put you down on the calendar ;P

Heather B. said...

Ah! I didn't realize we were talking hypothetically. My bad! :-)

Margee said...

Heather b. beat me to the punch! Hasek is going down as soon as Columbus gains a lot of ground and is neck and neck with the Wings for a playoff spot. Whatever he can do to rail his team, Hasek will do it.

aquietgirl said...

Forget Hasek going down. Buffalo's almost living out the Ottawa Senators 2005-2006 storyline, with just a few things missing. And Miller's been voted the starter for the East, eh?

Sherry said...

AQG - If that's true, then it can only mean one thing ;)

Heather B. said...

AQG/Sherry: Don't think the same exact thought hasn't crossed the mind of every Buffalo fan at some point this season. Fortunately, we've crashed down to earthhere lately, particularly with our wretched special teams, so hopefully the boys haven't gotten too cocky.