Monday, January 15, 2007

The Perfect Game.

What are your ten prerequisites for a perfect game?

1. Overtime or Shootout - Earlier today the Sabres went into a shootout. We may have lost, but I was so excited I couldn't even watch Vanek's shot that we needed to win.

2. A Breakaway - I love it when someone can slip past the other team, especially when it's someone like Maxim Afinogenov when they make the d-men look ridiculous.

3. A Great Save - When someone can make just an amazing save it makes you just gasp. Goaltending is just so difficult, and a good one is just astounding. During the game today Ryan Miller made the save of the season. It was a 2 on 1 and they passed it back and forth around Brian Campbell. Miller was expecting the guy to shoot but instead he passed, and the guy he passed too of course shot. Miller flung out his stick and stopped it just before the crease. Then, to stop the rebound, he fell right on to it. Wow, just had to get that in.

4. No Injuries - I just hate it when a valuable player gets hurt, even if it's on a team that I don't like. It just sort of seams like you're cheating.

5. An Unexpected Fight - I love it when some players who don't get in fights surprise everyone and do. Maxim Afinogenov has only gotten into a fight once this season, so when he did with Williams he flipped the guy over. Also, during the game today Derek Roy (who is 5 ft. 10 in.) got into a fight with Zdeno Chara (6 ft. 9 in.). Of course, Zdeno pushed him over w/ the first shove... but still.

6. A Grateful Crowd - I love it when the crowd is just grateful to be there. In Buffalo, you're luck to get some tickets, so the whole arena is incredibly hyper. Plus, the crowd just seems so bored when you see the games in Florida and the Southern states.

7. A Great Sign - I love it when they show a person in the audience with a creative and funny sign that makes you smile. A while ago, when there was the Surprise October Storm in Buffalo (when the game wasn't even expected to show) there was some people with a sign that read "Right Now, My Basement is Flooding." Of course, the sign holders were still estatic to just be there and beaming the entire time.

8. When you have great seats - I love it when you are so close you can actually tell the player's face's apart. I once had tickets on the glass, it was amazing because I was just in aww the entire time because my "heroes" were right in front of me.

9. A Great Announcer - If you can't make a game, you at least need a great announcer. You can't beat Rick Jeanneret. The way he leads you up to what's coming, you always know when to pay extra close attention. Makes it feel like you were there.

10. A Win - The game isn't perfect unless your team wins...

So that's my thoughts on how you can make a perfect game. Put them all together and you not only have the perfect game, but the perfect expeirence. That would be just amzing to have. I am the happiest ever if I can just get some tickets.


Heather B. said...

Today's game was worth watching just to see Derek charge in and shove Chara around the stomach. Hilarious! I love how scrappy he is.

I can't even imagine the Sabres without Rick Jeanneret. I hope he never retires.

Michael said...

This is a fantastic idea for a blog entry challenge! I love it!

If you don't mind, I tagged myself and made my own post about it on my own blog!

Thank you oh so very much for the inspiration!