Tuesday, January 16, 2007

If there was a great game for Jordi...

Like how Jocelynn gave her idea of her perfect game experience, I shall compile some past Habs highlights along with what I want to see to create a game that I'd like to laugh and go to - with kids. To clarify, an average Habs fan probably wouldn't agree with me - I'm not an average Habs fan by the way. It's 39 degree weather and I want to cry from the heat here!

  1. Komisarek hits Darcy Tucker. I don't care if it's not a Leafs/Habs game - Tucker can show up in the stands and Komisarek will hit the glass and scare him a little. Or he could hit anyone with Tucker's number. Whichever is more probable.
  2. Kovalev moonwalking (at 2:40 - it's short but sweet). You need a little flash with the goal. I mean why do fans keep moaning about how some players are expressionless after a goal?
  3. The goalie coming out of the net on a breakaway. I always complain about why the goalie does it afterwards but it gets my heart thumping. Pair this up with flashy saves - I mean a goalie can get the same jobs done with less pizazz but it looks better if you're jumping for it. And I like snowangels.
  4. An old friend - turned foe. Seriously, the most enjoyable game was the Avs/Habs game early this season. Even when we were down some goals, the fans just wanted to taunt Theodore. Some fans who had a soft spot for this charming ex-thing of Paris Hilton got outraged and scolded everyone on proper game ettiquite. Well yeah... I know this guy used to be good. But you gotta laugh at the creativeness of Habs fans in an attempt to taunt him.
  5. An... interesting fight. If it's two sad guys floundering then I'd rather not. There used to be a time where Downey didn't hit the ground first. But then again now he probably doesn't remember it anymore.
  6. I want Aebischer to show he wants to stay in Montreal. Okay he doesn't have to fight. But it'd be great if he could stand out a bit. It's not that he's a bad goalie - he's a great one. However if a fan had a choice between Huet or Abby - it'd definitely be Huet. But this fight is pretty awesome - since it's against my mortal enemy (DIE FLAMES DIE!) then yeah, it's awesome.
  7. For Samsonov to score... and break out of his funk finally. I'm a romantic. He will one day score a hattrick for the organisation and mouth to the camera "this one's for you Jordi". It's no Teemu scoring for his friend but it's not like anyone cares about Sammy... *grumble*
  8. Mascot Mayhem. We had our little ditty on mascots a while ago. They're interesting guys and bring more fun than the ice girls in my opinion. They're there to give hugs and do silly tricks. And in Youppi's case, he may be groping you regardless of your gender.
  9. The amazing microphones. So you have our own Le Petit Briere . Marty Reasoner who claims that there is a conspiracy to give him heavy mics (not to mention that he reckons he's the best player to don his number, nevermind Joe Sakic). And let's not forget the forever loathed/loved Dwayne Roloson who has some dull highlights considering the other ones probably have the f-bomb flying about.
  10. Silly pranks. Like the flag waving to the refs, you gotta salute the guys who show an utter direspect to the refs. The Sedins attempted to trick the ref once, where one of them had been banished from the faceoff circle. They both did a round skate to pretend to be swapping positions but they actually returned to their original spots. The faceoff continued and nothing happened. However now the refs are very sure to prevent them from doing it again. Apart from that, my mind is a little short of any tricks people do - probably because they'd be fined. But I would love to see the players do it anyway. It's like a couple of Armani shirts worth, suck it up and pay the fine!
  11. A bonus side tidbit. Maybe a ridiculous intermission show. With a human bowling bowl show. That you pay to actually be ridiculed in it. Around $500 should cover it.
Those are my reasons. Like I said - this makes no sense at all.


Heather B. said...

I *love* the Sedins pretending to switch places. That's hilarious. I can't watch the video at work (booooo!) so I'll have to do that later.

hockeygirl said...


Why? WHY? I thought we were friends. *sniff* You're mean.