Friday, January 19, 2007

Honestly, I Only Need #1...

...but I'll attempt the other 9, just to play along :) Here are my 10 prerequisites for a perfect game:

10. Fewer empty, sad purple seats at the Verizon Center.

9. Being in my seat in time for the opening video.

8. The Horn Guy’s mere presence (watch a Caps home game on TV, you’ll hear him – the best in the league by far...)

7. A matchup with a rival that creates some other words, no more lukewarm games with a so-called division “rival” like Tampa.

6. A fast pace to start the first period, with great scoring chances and saves by both teams to get the crowd into the game.

5. A goalie assist or a goalie fight – both funny.

4. A Caps goal in the last 10 seconds of a period, any period.

3. At least one Gordie Howe hat trick by any Capital

2. A normal hat trick by one (or both?) of my Russian superstars, Ovechkin and Semin. Of course I'll settle for just a multi-goal game by one or both, though. I'm not picky.

1. A Caps win. I know, shocking.


Joy said...

I am so excited that I came across your blog, you see I'm a woman that has grown up loving hockey and I have yet to meet another woman that likes the sport as much as I do. I used to live in Michigan (so yes I'm a Detroit fan)and have recently moved to Texas(cause I married a Texan) and have not yet found anyone in Texas that likes hockey let alone a woman that likes it. I just wanted to say that your blog is going to be on my top list of blogs to read... and I say lets push the womans movement back 100 years!! *goes to get in the kitchen where I belong*

hockeygirl said...

Joy! So glad you like the blog! Keep reading fo' sho'! A Detroit fan, eh? Hmmm.... j/k! Texas, huh? Tell me, why does Dallas get ice storms? I thought it was supposed to be hot in Texas.

Heather B. said...

Joy, please feel free to comment all you want! We love hockey and anyone else who loves it is good with us!

Goalie fights! Yeeessss!!!