Thursday, January 18, 2007

Falling Young Star

One would think no one needed to tell Mike Green not to stand in front of Christoph Schubert's slap shot. You know, the one that has been clocked at over 100 MPH. Is that fast? That seems fast. Probably would hurt. Ouch.

Apparently one would be wrong. For a young star, he's not so bright...and yes, horribly bad pun intended. So now t
hanks to that moment of literally taking one for the team, he's been hobbling around on crutches and may miss the Young Stars game next week. It would be a shame, because with the way he's performed this season he definitely deserves to be there.

Green (aka Greener or Greenie or some other highly creative nickname) has been a breath of fresh air for the Capitals extremely thin defense this season. Sure, he makes those rookie mistakes and is occasionally sent to his room without dinner for taking a stupid penalty. But he's also got great instincts in both zones and is becoming known for his end to end rushes that often result in scoring chances...and once even ended in a beautiful highlight-reel goal:

The Young Stars game has actually become one of my favorite parts of the All Star festivities in recent years, a development that coincided with the realization that other teams had players worth watching as well. It tends to resemble a real hockey game more than the game the following day, and is a great way to see those young'uns you wouldn't normally get a chance to see. Here's hoping Greenie can ice that leg and get it back to 100% in time, because I'd love to see him show the rest of the NHL how awesome he is!


PPP said...

Congrats ladies, you just got featured on Deadspin. Expect an influx of lurid and wholly inappropriate (but funny) comments :)

Margee said...

Yeah, some slore already commented that we've set the women's movement back 30 years! With just one blog, I think we should all take some pride in that. Well done, ladies.

Sherry said...

I get the feeling Miss. Pam in NJ didn't really bother reading the whole entire blog.

I mean if we set the movement back 30 years, we've clearly got some serious power going on. Now, how do we milk this for all it's worth?