Wednesday, January 17, 2007

El juego perfecto del hockey

Ah, a perfect game... My 10 prerequisites requirements would be the following:

  1. Awesome seats, center ice, halfway up.
  2. Tasty snacks like Nibs and Cheezies (Finny!)
  3. Being with friends and fans with some good-natured heckling.
  4. A game with lots of end-to-end action, chances galore!
  5. Throw in a fight as the energy rises towards the end of the third.
  6. A late goal with a...
  7. 1-0 win by the Flames over a division rival.
  8. Excellent music choices on the loud-speakers.
  9. Washrooms close to my seat.
  10. Oh, and a big hit by Dion. What? Yeah, I know, no surprises there.
If anyone wants to come to that game, let me know, we'll get seats together. See you there!

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