Monday, December 04, 2006

Cute Boys Ahead!

(I apologize for a post that I'm sure will end up looking very long when published. I'm not great with manipulating photos. I didn't want to make them TOO small and I don't know how to do the nifty "click to enlarge" thing that Rebecca did on her beautiful post.)

Here's the thing. My team is a lot of things, but hot just isn't really one of them. My boys are mostly cute - a preteen girl's dream really. If you want cute, well come on down because we got it in spades and we got it in every variety.

There's le petit Briere (told you I was stealing it, hockeygirl), the very embodiment of cute, the king of cute, one of the cutest people on the face of the earth. I mean, come on... look at that baby face. (Warning: He will bite if provoked.)

There's Chris Drury, "all-American boy next door" cute. He won the Little League World Series for cryin' out loud. He's as apple pie as they come.

There's Marty Biron, "I'll talk you to death and be totally funny and charming the whole time" cute.

There's Jason Pominville, "boy band" cute. The guys have teased him a lot about his Justin Timberlake hair which may or may not be part of the reason he seems to always slick it back now. (And really, that is quite a head of hair.)

There's Ryan Miller, "serious, philosophical, emo boy" cute.

There's Brian Campbell, "ginger-haired, smile that can light up a room" cute. (Not the best picture. For as much as the guy smiles on the ice, I couldn't find one good picture of it! Sheesh!)

There's Thomas Vanek, "on the edge of hot" cute. (I wavered on him because while I usually think he's just kinda cute, that hint of a smile in the second picture below totally gets me. Totally.)

However, buried in the cuteness there are a few examples of what I would call hotness, often where you're not expecting it.

There's Jochen Hecht, "so quiet you might not realize I'm friggin' hot" hot.

There's Teppo Numminen, "I'm trying to hide it under the ridiculous hair but the old man's still got it" hot. (Bonus picture of Teppo minus the hair.)

There's Derek Roy, "impishly cute with a badboy streak a mile wide" hot.

Then there's my two personal favorites:

Henrik Tallinder, "just try and resist my blue eyes and dimples (but don't look at me too closely in profile because I have a very pointy chin)" hot.

And one of my favorites which I can't save to my computer for whatever reason.

And Paul Gaustad, "Sweet and friendly but willing to throw it down if you come near my boys" hot.

Sometimes it really is all about good-looking boys, you know?


Rebecca said...

They are cute - Briere's like a little puppy, I've always thought he was just adorable.

And I'm sorry, is it sick that I was thinking how hot Gaustad was even when he was trying to punch my boy and yelling obscenities everywhere?

(By the way, I have no idea how I did the whole 'click to enlarge' thing...I posted it and thought it looked too small, but realized it got bigger when you click. Go figure.)

Jordi said...

Yeah they seem to be resized smaller depending on how you want it but will always go to its larger size when you click on it.

Pominville looks like a folksy popstar singing about people being beautiful!

And yowza, Vanek is sizzling.

Heather B. said...

jordi, after looking at the pictures again, I have to agree - Vanek is totally hot. That black and white photo of him might be the best photo in the post. The full-sized photo it was taken from is my current computer wallpaper. Lovely!

Rebecca, Paul is at his hottest in those moments. You gotta love a boy with passion even if that passion is directed at one of your own.

Danny is just the very definition of cute. Not really my type but totally cute.

The Acid Queen said...

Ah, Fargo's Finest (that would be Goose).

But he graduated from North High, so my husband (who graduated from South High) automatically thinks he's a dirtbag. :p

Sherry said...

You know what? I never realized how YOWZA Gaustad was until after I saw him leaping to Le Petit Briere's rescue. That's hot.

Didn't Tallinder used to have a Mohawk as well? "Hank the Tank" right? Even if it was fake he was totally adorable the "Sabres Delight" rap.

hockeygirl said...

I like it! Nice post! You're right about Vanek and that hint of smile. And how can anyone not love le petit Briere? Which reminds me, Heather, make sure it's 'le' not 'la' because that's the feminine version. He may be cute but he's all man. :) ahahaha

Heather B. said...

I went back to edit the post to "le petit Briere." Thanks for the tip, HG! Wouldn't want Danny to be offended if he ever wanders over this way :-)

Sherry: In the b&w photo of Tallinder you can see a bit of his faux-hawk (which I find completely adorable). Not sure if he ever had a full-blown mohawk though he did sport some seriously ugly bleach blonde hair in his younger years. And yes, he's Hank the Tank. As far as I can tell, "Sabres Delight" does capture his personality - slighty amused, slightly embarrassed. I can imagine him saying, "Marty, Marty, why'd you make me do this?"

Loxy said...

I picked up Gaustad in a pool cause i needed more faceoff wins. I had no idea that he was also a cutie!

margee said...

I will ignore that fact that you excluded Timmy Connolly and that you displayed a picture of Gaustad punching (my beloved) Dany Heatley. I will, however, congratulate you on the exquisite hotness of your team. That Henrik Tallinder is cute. And Marty Biron is kind of ridiculous.

Rebecca said...

There's just something about boys in black and white, isn't there? SO cute! I think I need to convince the Caps to do a black and white photo shoot...