Monday, December 04, 2006

Oh Koivu!

There is only one word to describe this guy: Heart. I'm sure that stupid chimp loving kid on Captain Planet was only a filler until Captain Saku took over. Unfortunately he got a deal with the Canadiens and Saku Koivu officially became some sort of Demi God to the Habs.

He's a looker too, I mean he has a sweet rugged face and he always smiles. There aren't many good looking captains after all, well that's how I feel sometimes. To me, he's like Patty Marleau. They have cute smiles and great leadership qualities. Plus they play like wolves on the ice. Saku Koivu is arguably a natural player. He works hard, scores and makes his linemates look good (Latendresse you know). Like they say, you could put a monkey or a dead corpse next to Koivu and he would look good.

Saku Koivu is not the only Koivu. He has one brother playing for Minny and they're hopefully leading a franchise of future Koivu players. And recently on the homepage, they've updated with some little shorts of "Get to know your Canadiens". His answers?
Actor who would play you in a movie: Craig Rivet
Horror movies: "I don't like horror movies, I always get scared... I'm more of a comedy guy"
Worst Training Exercise: Lifting Weights

By the way with the other players, Dandenault wants Clive Owen (now that is taste) and Samsonov wants Matt Damon (nice try). Komisarek wants Brad Pitt! Squee!

He was as well once interviewed on CBC's TV show, The Hour where he exposed his sweet charm and great smile. For a captain, he's the most charismatic of the team and he will be remembered for quite a while. No one can really match the struggles he's been through and I doubt half of them would survive to tell the tale.

The As are awarded to Sheldon Souray & Craig Rivet (who has been with the team since 92). However Souray has a slight possibility that he might not come back as he will be a Free Agent next summer and there are rumours that he's looking... westward. Begin is one of the most popular Habs on the team and would most possibly be given one when available. Other future Habs leaders could possibly be Komisarek as he is feisty and if fostered, he could be great in arguing with refs. Higgins currently is a superstar and if he later on continues his great play, he could become the sort of basic captain based on skill.

I have endlessly talked about Koivu, just check my past posts. However it seems like he doesn't get enough recognition sometimes because he just looks like "the nice guy". He struggles, he plays hard and leads an example for everyone to follow.


Heather B. said...

I think Koivu is one of the best looking guys in the league. He looks sweet and rugged and that's a tough mix to pull off. Also enjoy watching him play so hey, the guy's got it all.

Rebecca said...

I love Koivu! He is by far one of my favorite players in the league. I was in Montreal when he first got sick and I remember running into him at a bar after a game once - his head was bald from the chemo but he was so sweet and nice to everyone who came up to him (including me, after I stalked him for about an hour).

He's such a competitor, too - I agree that he maybe doesn't get the credit for being so tough on the ice because of his off-ice persona, but Saku rocks. What a phenomenal player.

Jordi said...

He is cute! I mean he needs to help set a new standard.

He's probably the best player on the team in terms of being all rounded, he can play defensively and offensively and he works at being a to-the-point player.

margee said...

Koivu is awesome. He has so much tenacity on the ice and the best attitude off of it. I remember after he injured his eye and people were freaking out that he wouldn't return, he was like, "Yo, it's just hockey, you guys. I survived cancer. If I can't play hockey anymore, there are more important things."

Though I always want him playing hockey, I thought that was such an awesome way to handle the situation. And he has the best name in the NHL. By far.