Monday, November 06, 2006

'Cause They Both Have Balls

If the Senators [the team] were a person [as opposed to 20-something people], they would be Stephen Colbert.

Wait, wait, wait hear me out on this one because I've actually thought this one through!

1) The Political Connection: So we all know that Ottawa's the capital of Canada [well, you do now] and that's where all the politicans come together. Colbert talks about politics, in fact he knows them very well and does his best to introduce us to the lesser known ones with his 'Better Know a District Series'. Senators are politicians. Why their logo resembles a Spartan is a little beyond me, but just go with it.

2) The Sense of Humour: As evidenced by their interesting collection of 'Fun' Videos, we can see that the Senators obviously have a sense of humour. Like Colbert, the humour may not be for everyone.

3) The Unassuming Adorableness: Just one look at Jason Spezza's unassuming smile is enough for you to go "He's adorable. Sort of. But not really. But also kind of yes." I think the same can be said about Colbert.

4) The Hockey: The Senators play hockey. Colbert loves hockey.

5) They Both Have Balls: I'm pretty sure this one explains itself.


Jordi said...

Darn you took Colbert! Damn you!

aquietgirl said...

We have balls?

This is news to me.

k.le said...

Colbert looks like Bob Saget.
Given that, I have a tough time with number 3.

Is it just me?

Sherry said...

Hey I didn't mean to just take him, it kind of just happened :P

AQG: We did. At the time of this writing the Sens were still up 3-0. We'll find them. Eventually.

K.Le - It's not just you, I'm sure.

k.le said...

Guess I should have googled "colbert bob saget" before I wrote that. My mistake.

thehockeychick said...

I appreciate your truthiness!