Sunday, October 08, 2006

Week 1 is over...

Unless you really want to be technical and claim that Wednesday is really where it's at. Either way say hello to our new Canucks correspondent, Jen Z of The Pink Seats. Sure the Atlantic, Southeast & Pacific divisions have no representation here but we're almost there!

So how was your team? Have they managed to keep the damn penalties down?

I just want to say that all those who thought Nabokov's lucrative contract was more worthless than Roli's is probably hurting themselves. I know I was one who preferred Toskala, what with his dashing headshot (which I must say, got a way better treatment than the Oilers). However crazy funny Russian man has shutout the Islanders (how's that 15 year contract eh?) and anyone who got stuck with him in their pool are now proud. (Oh and if you're a fan of hair ad men, Bernier's your man.)

How that is related to the Canadiens, I'll never know. Nonetheless the the Habs' first game was against Buffalo, whom I had no prior knowledge of. Um, these guys scare me. Nonetheless they did not disappoint the sold out crowd with a very nail biting game and questionable officiating both sides. In Jordi's fun and amazing evaluation, the first line just plain rocks. I would tell myself everyday that Koivu was a badass. Sure he may not have ads with jaw droppingly hot ladies. And sure he will never learn French for as long as he is captain (Apparently Samsonov knows French - someone give him an A!). But he is a studly badass. Apart from my new infatuation with this captain, it seems that their determination was not enough. Souray apparently is a big fan of doing nothing and a shootout happened. It ended with Afinogenov & Vanek whipping us, ending a nice evening of fun and all.

Second... well I didn't hear much of it. I'll just give you the garbled fan's condensed version: "We're going to win this! We're going to lose this! No we aren't! Shooooooooot!". Comments included: The Leafs suck, Abby is a nice goaltender (he's a keeper!), and for the love of god someone change our D. I'm sure if you get the fans to pool together their drinking money, you'd have enough to buy Chris Pronger or Scott Niedemayer forcedly out of Anaheim (my cousin's friend's dad's boss knows a guy from the underground or two). Better yet, why not just take off the Ds and just put wingers. Sure they know nothing about defense but they know as much as Souray and Markov sometimes.

My main concern is probably my favourite second line of the quicksilver Russians Kovy, Sammy and that Plekanec guy. They are just not producing any points. I'm giving a lot of credit to them just because they're unfamiliar for the time being. But hopefully this is not a long term problem. I'm sick of making excuses to defend my chunky monkey. All I can say is they're not exactly being lazy, there are times where they're hauling ass. But it's a concern because they're the second line. It really makes the win feel really... undeserved. And this is against the Leafs. Usually any win against the Leafs is deserved (and possibly predetermined by God). However I'm still hoping. Hoping that this is a line that makes the points when it matters. And if that happens then I really do think I'm amazing.

And are these guys going to keep doing OT games? Seriously, they either play good and blow their lead or just suddenly suck then haul ass in the last moments. Not to mention games like these are going to just waste them.

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That headshot of Tapani is so...beautiful.