Thursday, October 12, 2006

Torturing whales instead of kittens

Here's a post in response to Jordi's creative challenge she posted earlier this week: Take a photo (or draw with your mouse) the biggest dedication to something hockey related you have/own.

Well, I don't have much beyond the standard jerseys, flags and mugs to display my devotion to the Canucks, but here's a few just-so-crazy-I-just-might-do-them ideas:

- I could paint my house in blue, white and red. Maybe I could even convince my neighbours and we could have the first "Parade of Canucks Homes" tourist attraction.

- I could make a giant hockey stick and bring it down onto the ice during a game at intermission, creating a life-sized vintage Canucks logo.

- This would be totally insane and completely unethical, but I could break into the Vancouver Aquarium and paint a Canucks logo on an Orca ;-)

1 comment:

Jordi said...

Oh my god I just died at that image of the Orca. Just keep the whale away from activists and we'll be fine!