Friday, October 13, 2006

Sherry's Awesome Wall of Sens Awesomeness

Because I’ve learned that when Jordi makes a threat, she makes good, here I am taking time out of my studying to make a post. Really, I would totally rather be studying Finance and Statistics.

After tonight’s blow-out performance against the Flames, Ray Emery has given Martin Gerber a real run for his money [$3.5 million dollars a year to be exact] for the number one puck-stopper position. Now I have to admit, last season I wasn’t particularly convinced that he was going to be able to take this team to the Promised Land, and really, he shouldn’t have been saddled with that responsibility. But after the surprisingly great results he had in the latter half of the season, it’s great to see that he’s still striving for more. He had a great preseason and training camp and considering the fact that Gerber wasn’t having an ideal start to his Senators career, it’s comforting to know that Emery’s good to keep around for more than eating cockroaches in the dressing room. By the way, I really hope they’ve cleaned up the room since then. That can’t be healthy. Of course now that I'm saying this I've probably inadvertently jinxed Emery. Dang it!

As far as a player that has disappointed me, I’m going to have to go with my ex-crush, Wade Redden. Yes, I, like AQuietGirl am on my way to going on a break with Mr. Redden. I really don’t know what’s going on with him but the last couple of games have been less than stellar for our $6.5 million defenseman. The season has just begun and there’s time to turn it around. But the man is not only the highest paid man on the team, but he also has an “A”. While I like the fact that he acknowledges his lack of great play [and lack of points which is KILLING me in my pool right now], I’m hoping he’s doing a lot more in that dressing room to motivate the boys because, somehow I don’t think “I know I suck” is particularly helpful to anyone.

And to answer the second part of this week’s topic, here is an artist’s rendition of the extent of my hockey fanaticism short of painting my house Sens colours and naming my kids after players. Because I hate children. Really.

We've talked about putting a Sens mural in our house to keep track of their progress over the season but the idea was shot down by the overwhelming number of Leafs fans in the house. It’s not exactly Sleek caliber cartooning, but it’s as good as I’m capable of mustering up with my limited artistic talents. It’s particularly shaky because of years of caffeine addiction and using a laptop touchpad. Sherry’s Awesome Wall of Sens Awesomeness includes:

- Sens poster with Wins tallies which greatly outnumbers the Loss tallies
- Sens ticket of Sens awesomeness
- Picture of Sherry with awesome hair and awesome Sens player [to be named later]


Earl Sleek said...

It’s not exactly Sleek caliber cartooning, but it’s as good as I’m capable of mustering up with my limited artistic talents.

I've been training my doodle arts for years in schools and businesses across America.

I'm unfamiliar with this concept you call "studying", though.

Nice pic. Now quit making me blush.

Jordi said...

That is some awesome hair! I guess Redden wont be the other guy?

Sherry said...

Sleek - I'll try to stop...but you make it so easy ;D

Jordi - Thanks! Except I think my bangs are on the wrong side...oh well, still awesome! Redden won't be the other guy until he stops sucking. We are SO on a break.