Thursday, October 12, 2006

That's his "In your face" dance! ... Or his "there's a sale on lotion" dance... He has many dances.

I'll make it short since there's about 5 minutes left or else I get discovered and shipped back to my homeland. Two new members [insert wave of applause] which I am proud to present. If you haven't posted much, then this may be your chance to have one more than the others.

Nonetheless allow me to present Loxy with her heart to heart conversations for the Oilers and Heather whose representation for the Bruins will bring us one step closer to having a Northwest Division monopoly (management would very much like it if we win another Stanley Cup).

I on the other hand may be less active (key word is may) and will be giving all you guys the reins to post anything. I will be pleasantly pleased if there is eye candy when I check back (hint hint). Of course really I'm waiting outside buses so Henrik Lundqvist will notice me and let me on, or secretly learning curling so I can hook up with Nabokov, Cheechoo, Smith & Mclaren (in that order?).

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