Friday, October 13, 2006

I answer my own questions.

It's Friday down under in fast forward land! And to celebrate the Oil beat San Jose. Oh and every week or so, there's always a damn thread on the hfboards asking why Samsonov doesn't have a Russian accent. I don't know sir, he's just not the same real manly Russians they would ship in back then.

However I would like to skip discussion questions and do the damn creative challenge. While I desperately loved Sherry & Jen's creations that require a lot of expertise, I decided to be a little more traditional.

What is that? You'll ask. That my dear reader is my wardrobe door. And those are the little sketches I made during the offseason to er, curb my enthusiasm. Unfortunately I can not show you the inside lest I may be unable to let you live after you saw what went on really behind closed doors. Besides, whenever I let the door open, Roli tries to dash out and makes a damn racket. The top left is what I wrote after I fell in love with the suspicious Russian kid, Sammy is Love complete with love hearts rainbows and whatever it was. It holds special significance to me.

It's like a Where's Wally game, there's some Toskala, a Moreau and not one but two Rolosons! Truth be told, I wanted to put these on my wall but I had very little wall space lately. So for now it's there. Besides this sometimes reminds me to be careful in case I border onto stalkerish. I guess I was too late.

And I have something, an image that may reappear now and then on this blog. I never realised the importance of this shirt until I thought the same thing about Roloson the other day. Hopefully when Sammy is averaging a point per game along with Koivu's blazing breakout season:

So far Roloson is totally worth 4 million, the Pronger trade was totally worth it, and Sheldon Souray doing nothing but appearing on ET Canada? Er... Not worth that much really.


Sherry said...

It's lovely. I especially like the Moreau picture, it's very well done. Wish I could draw like you!

And you think my creation required expertise? Have you SEEN my creation?

Jen Z said...

Have you seen MY creation?! No expertise here either. All I've got is a 5-year-old's grip on the Paint graphics program! LOL.

Jordi said...

But your stuff are like... awesome. They're full of funny.

I just spend precious study time on guys who won't answer my calls