Saturday, October 14, 2006

No YOU STFU! We have great PK!

I've concluded I'm a bit of a sadist. I always like feeling sorry for poor hurt creatures. Except for stray puppies, you don't know where they've been. But it seems that I've concluded on my vermin of the day. I couldn't bring myself to say it. But after the recent performance, I'd like to say that not only am I biased, I can turn on you just like that. By the way, this is totally just messing around. I love Sammy and always will. I'm just fustrated easily.

What's wrong Sammy? I mean, what's really wrong? Do you miss Joey? Has he not called lately? Well they got thrashed by Edmonton recently, maybe he has problems of his own. Sit down, lay your head on my shoulder. Tell me your fears. Let it be a legendary catharsis, because by the end of this season - someone will be crying. I know the real reason why you couldn't stay with Edmonton was because of the big buff men who intimidated you. I know you tried to grow a beard but ended up going overboard, turning into a freakish man-wolf hybrid. And having such a sexy coach musn't have helped either. At least at Montreal, Bonk looks like a homeless man all the time.

The new guy, by the way, is Saku Koivu who failed to get into Maxim's toughest bastards list. He's bounced back from a near career ending injury and Non-Hodgkin Lymphonia. And he seems to be outstanding in this pile of losers. (that's it. I called them losers).

By the way he did a last minute tying goal when all was thought to be lost. I think that's proof enough that I still love him. Why he never got a shot at shootouts makes no freaking sense. That makes it the third SO this season and he freaking deserved one just then.

Other things I hate:
  • Someone get Eric Staal off the screen, his lips are making my room ugly. It does not feel good.
  • Your name is Jocelyn. My mother's name is Jocelyn. GET A REAL NAME.
  • Kipper made some crazy acrobatics in that game against Toronto.
  • Boston lost against the non expensive goalie. Isn't that nice?


Sherry said...

Cap'n Sak looks simply angelic in that picture.

You made me click on Maxim's site. How dare you. Speaking of which, what were you doing on Maxim's site?

Jordi said...

I really wanted to put background music of "Heaven must be missing an angel" but decide I've already scared away enough visitors.

I swear I wasn't looking for the hot women! It popped up in a Habs forum and people saying that Koivu has to be a tougher bastard than Mario Lemieux (who was #1) because the reason was "he beat cancer". And it ended with Saku is a badass because he had 50% chance of dying and he got his eye poked out and he's still living in one piece.