Saturday, October 14, 2006

I think I love him.

I'm a bit of a sucker for goalies. My friend, the one who coaxed me into the hockey fandom was a big goalie fanatic. It even had "OMGZ LOOK AT THE GOALIES FIGHT!" becoming a common topic of conversation. I think goalies have a certain attraction to females. They're not just the big oaf who skates around headhunting (okay a tad of a generalisation there), they're the heroes at the end of the day. You always hear "They're lucky that [name] was in the nets or else the score would've been 10-0" or even "he played like a trooper today".

And of course I'm a sucker for Finnish goaltenders. When Jussi lost the hot off I think I held several minutes of silence to mourn his early death. Kipper may take some time but Toskala is the little train that could. He just choo-chooed his way into becoming a starter during the playoffs. And I was mesmerised by this kid. Come the new season I told myself "Sure playoffs was great but Nabby looks great too". Well it seems that the current standings are:
Toskala: 1 point
Nabby, Gorges & Vlasic: 0 points

Today, he got himself one assist feeding the puck to Brown for his very own SH goal. Could he rock any more? That is why boys & girls, Toskala plain rocks. Not to mention he has a kickass mask. Not many people have kickass masks, Jussi being one of them.

But don't get me wrong, I'm not just liking this guy because of my insanely huge bias and his great hair. He plays well, and it's a case where he never got his shot until recently. It's a good thing he didn't quit and go to school. Pfft, like education did anything for people.

And Jordi's vermin of the day goes to Markov. Not that much, I don't hate the team players that much anymore. But he needs a lot of improvement.

In other news, people hatin' the 'yotes, while Gretzky takes his team bowling! Seriously, I like these team bonding exercises - they're the best thing since... kids named Albert?


Ty said...

Jussi really is a stud.

Is he married? If not, I bet he gets a lot of ladies.

Jordi said...

Married with two loving children. But I bet that doesn't stop him.

Jen Z said...

If you like Italians with greasy hair, you could check out our netminder Luongo. He's blowing our minds over here in Van(esp after Cloutier).