Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday Five returns!

So I seriously fail...I promised that I'd post this like two (or was it three?) weeks ago, but school kind of took over. Sorry!
Since we're getting HLOG going again, I thought I'd continue with the time hono(u)red tradition of the Friday Five!

1.) Best holiday gift?
2.) Any New Year's resolutions?
3.) Did you watch the Winter Classic?
4.) What are your thoughts on snow?
5.) Do you Twitter?

Bonus question: did you enjoy the All-Star Game this year?


Marie said...

woohoo, Friday Five!

1. Best holiday gift?
Cash from the in-laws for a nice dinner w/husband. Used it at Mastro's Steakhouse for an unbelievably delicious dinner.

2. Any New Year's resolutions?

3. Did you watch the Winter Classic?
Of course!

4. What are your thoughts on snow?
I can barely handle 50 degrees, so it's a good thing I live in SoCal. But I love looking at pretty photos of snow.

5. Do you Twitter?
sorta. I have an account but I'm not on it all the time.

Kirsten said...

1.) Cash/giftcards, and a North Face down vest...MN has many shades of winter chill that need fending off.

2.) Yes, floss daily, don't text while in the car, and pay better attention to library due dates. Thus far I'm batting about .500.

3.) Kind of. I was rather hungover, so I napped through most of it.

4.) I love it. Unless it's my turn to shovel/I'm late and have to scrape my car, but overall the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

5.) Yes, yes I do. And I have it on my phone, which means I'm never bored in class.

Charity said...

1. best holiday gift: this year? a vaccuum. LOL.

2. same as every year: lose weight. write a book.

3. nope, missed out. :(

4. don't get it here in Cali.

5. I twitter! Follow me @girlwithapuck