Friday, December 31, 2010

HLOG Q&A Update with McPhizzle

Today's Q&A update is with McPhizzle. Her original Q&A can be found here.

1. What are you up to these days? Still blogging (provide your blog name and link)? Why or why not?
When I first filled this out, I was 23, working at a funeral home in the town I grew up in and had just retired from pageants. I am now job hunting in a new town, where I live with my boyfriend and have started coaching girls for pageants. I still blog from time to time on "Musings". Now it's mostly about my own life and every-day revelations instead of hockey. I tweet, so I guess I micro-blog, but that's mostly word vomit, frustrations and stuff I want to say, but don't post on my facebook so my Mr and my mom don't see.

(Ed note: you can follow McP on twitter @mcphizzle)

2. Have you changed team allegiances, or are you still in love with the team you represented on HLOG?
I'm still a shark fan! In fact, my partner introduced me to his Wing-loving co-worker as, "This is McP. The shark fan." He shook my hand and said, "Go Wings." My answer was, "I'll pray for you."

3. How do you feel about your team this year?
I'm not a fair-weather fan. They don't have the best record, but 4th in the West doesn't suck and I still support them!

4. Who is your favorite player now?
Still love me some Jumbo Joe Thornton! (However, it is now a professional love. The lust is gone haha)

5. Are we too old to use the term SQUEE?
Are you kidding me? I know women who still squee about the Beatles. Now I tend to use the term more for things than people...

6. Do you feel that the role of the female fan in keeping the game alive or picking heroes in the community has changed any since you were on HLOG?
I don't think the role of female fans has changed, but I do think the NHL and lower leagues have finally started to actually LISTEN to the female fans and include their opinions and suggestions in merchandise and marketing. Like I said in my very first HLOG Q&A, Merchandice, Marketing and Manmeat. We fill the seats, we bring our friends, we introduce our kids/bfs/husbands to the game. I'm also convinced that hockey moms make the world go 'round.

7. Hockey just isn’t the same without Jeremy Roenick dancing on the ice.

8. Favorite HLOG memory?
Finny calling me after the Ducks took the Sharks out of the 2009 playoffs. My mom had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and the phone call (even though it was to gloat) made me feel like I wasn't alone when I needed it the most. I also QUITE enjoy the HLOG Christmas/Holiday card exchanges!

9. How do you feel the blog community has changed since our HLOG days?
Honestly, I'm so far removed from it, that I couldn't answer this question properly. I guess the introduction of twitter and that whole micro-blogging bit is a big change... Most of my tweets lately have been about.... well, read number 10

10. Have you reached any milestones in the last few years, personally, that you’re willing to share with us all? Do you have any upcoming milestones in the foreseeable future? (ahem, wedding? baby? book deal? etc?)
We are planning a wedding late next summer! My days are kept quite busy with planning that and taking care of our fur babies - Max (5 year-old boxer), Minnie (8 month-old lab/shepherd mix) and Edouard (2 year-old kitteh).

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