Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Topic: Expectations

New season means that we've got to get the blog-ball rolling again and our first topic will be....expectations. Yes, we all have them of our team. Sometimes we set them too high and we experience the crushing emotions of failure and sometimes we set them perhaps embarrassingly low and end up getting pleasantly surprised. Really, out of the two alternatives, I don't know why we don't choose the latter more often. Or maybe it's just years of being a disappointed Senators fan has turned me into a cynic like that.

Regardless, now that the season is a few weeks old my question to you is: has your team met or exceeded your expectations? Or do you think your team hasn't exactly come back from vacation yet and needs to kick it into high gear like um, yesterday? Discuss.

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Sunshine36616 said...

My team, the Atlanta Thrashers, have really met my expectations this season. Unfortunately, the goaltending has been EXACTLY what I expected, Kari Lehtonen out with injury and us relying on back-ups. As a Thrashers fan, we haven't had a lot to be excited about. We have had one play off experience and the Rangers swept us out of the first round. We ended last season on a really good swing and I was hoping we would pick back up where we left off. We made some new additions with Pavel Kubina, Max Afinogenov and Nik Antropov. We also had our hotshot 1st round draft pick, Evander Kane.
Bad news came early when we found out our starting goalie Kari Lehtonen was going to miss the first part of the season with issues related to back surgery. Kari usually goes down in November with his groin, so we weren't expecting this at this time.. We had to run with the Pavs/Moose (Ondrej Pavelec and Johan Hedberg) experiment last time Kari went down and it was a disaster. We DO have a much better team now though and it's looked pretty good. Each goalie had a weird fluke goal in a game and had to be pulled, but each have had their moment to shine. Johan “Moose” Hedberg made 40 saves in Buffalo and Pavelec stole us a point in Montreal. The team as a whole has been pretty good. Our penalty kill is fantastic though we have to rely on it too much. Evander Kane has WAY exceeded my expectations after watching him in prospect camp an in preseason. Winning is important to us this season not only because everyone wants to win, but we have to keep Kovy. Signing Kovalchuk is the #1 priority in this town. Now that Kovy is out for up to 6 weeks with a broken foot, winning will be even harder. We'll see!
Go Thrashers!