Friday, May 01, 2009

Do you love hockey?

Got this from some of my hockey ladies, Wrap and Dani, and since I'm already booooorrrrreeeedddd with the offseason, I figured I'd cut and paste questions and answer them--yay! Answers include AMS and NHL bits.

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1) What's (Who's?) your favorite team?
AMS and Carolina hurricanes

2) What's your least favorite team?
Chiefs, 'Tips, Detroit Red Wings

3) Who's your favorite player?
Eric Staal, Tomas Kaberle, and this (past?) season, Mitch Fadden

4) Who's your least favorite player?
Mitch Wahl, Dustin Tokarski (sorry Wrap), Boogaards, Brooks Orpik (broke Erik Cole's neck)

5) Favorite American team?
umm, the Americans. Carolina Hurricanes.

6) Favorite Canadian team?
Maple Leafs, umm, Kelowna Rockets except this (past?) years' playoffs...

7) Favorite International team?

8) Who's your favorite goalie?
Cam Ward, Tyler Weiman :)

9) Least favorite goalie?
Kent Simpson. Martin Brodeur (if you know me, it's often a compliment when you're my least favorite--it means you've done some damage against my team)

10) Favorite fighter?
uhhh Cam McCaffrey, Brendan Shinniman LOL, Clayton Stoner, Logan Stephenson

11) Least favorite fighter?
Alexander Semin. Did you see him bitch slap Marc Staal? epic.

12) Favorite jersey/uniform/outfit/sweater?

AMS blues, my Butterfield jersey from MDA skills challenge, hopefully Fadden and Reese jerseys...

13) Least favorite jersey/uniform/outfit/sweater?
wow, there's so many fugly ones. Kelowna's stupid cartoon dragon, umm...Nashville's old baby shit brown/yellow 3rds

14) Do you like home, away, or "third" jerseys best?
Depends on the team. I lurve Carolina's new black 3rds. I have GOT to get me one of those.

15) Who do you want to win the Cup?
Carolina!! or Pittsburgh. I'd be ok with Chicago as well

17) Which player would you most like to sit and have coffee with?
Cole Butterfield. Tomas Kaberle.

18) What about a beer?
my AMS (lol, all underage--OOOOPS! good thing this isn't real), the Staal brothers (hear they get silly), Ryan Kinasewich (maybe a bad idea...) CHAD LAROSE!!!

19) How about just watch the game with?
Dion Phanuef. Or anyone else who is pretty but stupid so watching the game wouldn't involve much conversation.

20) Have an in-depth hockey conversation with?
Don Nachbaur. Darrell Hay. Any player who's not just a pretty face, but also not someone who will just feed me tired cliches. Guess that's why the question says "in-depth" eh?

21) Do you collect hockey cards, memorabilia, etc?
Signed jerseys, signed sticks, trying to build up collection of game-worn jerseys...

22) If so, what's your favorite card?
no cards. Favorite stick is the one BFF got the whole team to sign for my b-day in 2004 :)

23) Which is worth the most, and what's it worth?
Probably not a lot of monetary value in the shit I have collected, but a whole lot of sentimental value.

24) Do you live by any hockey players?
umm, creepy questions, I have no idea? None that I'm aware of.

26) Do you play hockey?

27) What do you wear to hockey games?
Usually jeans, AMS hoodie. or red or blue sweater over white tee. try to either wear team gear or at least a lot of red and/or blue.

28) Do you have any "watching hockey rituals" or anything anyone might consider weird?
Must be to rink in time to see warmups. Red Rope licorice.

29) What's your favorite hockey memory (as a fan?)
Western Conference playoff series against Spokane 2008, b-day 2004 (see stick story), kissing Stanley Cup, Carolina's cup run 2006

30) What's your favorite hockey commercial?
Verizon--"Best baby in the world!" I also liked the "is this the year?" ads? great use of great photos.

31) Who's the nicest player you've met?
Mitch McColm. Clayton Stoner. Jarrett Toll. Jason Reese.

32) Rudest/meanest/most annoying, etc?
Dylan Stanley.

33) Who's the best looking (AKA 'off ice favourite')
The Staals, Tomas Kaberle, Mitch Fadden (to me), Brooks Macek (it just cannot be denied people), Clayton Stoner, Benoit Pouliot.

34) Other off-handed/off-ice comments?
Goalies like a tight 5-hole.

35) Why do you really like hockey?
It's amazingness. I slip and fall even looking at ice, these guys play a fast-paced exciting sport while flying around on thin metal blades strapped to their feet. It's the speed, the non-stop action. It's the smell of the rink (sweat, ice, diesel, concessions). It's the way the ice reflects the light after being zambonied. It's bodies slamming each other, all for the chance to get 6 ounces of galvanzied rubber past a crazy person who willfully puts himself (or herself) in a position to be attacked by hard rubber pucks coming at crazy speeds.


dani said...

"I slip and fall even looking at ice"Word. I've yet to see someone slip during the intermissions at school. It's disappointing really.

Kirsten said...

Oh Brooks. Such a young'un, he even makes ME feel old.

"Dave Schultz" said...

@dani--I bet I could do it. Not that I want to, but I probably would.

@kirsten--yeah. It's a crime. Literally.

Hockey_Princess said...

is 'zambonied' really a word?!

i could not agree more, your explination of your love for hockey is killer! ...but i can skate, not saying i'm pro, just saying i can. haha.