Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday Five

It's that time of the week again. I'm wishing for summer and no school, so there will be a theme.
1.) What is your favorite kind of popsicle/freeze pop?
2.) Do you enjoy grilling out? To clarify: it means to cook outdoors on a Minnesotan apparently.
3.) Bermuda shorts...good or bad?
4.) What song reminds you of summer?
5.) Do you have a countdown to anything right now?


Finny said...

1. if im going to eat a cold dessert, it's going to be ice cream. lol.

2. grilling out? like bbq? I'm not sure I understand the question?

3. not good... unless I wear them and don't know it. lol.

4. "summer girls" by LFO. hahah

5. um... til the end of the season for now... to see if the ducks will make it in.

Gray said...

1) an Indian place here has some of the best ice cream you will ever have

2)grilling out? Like grilling on your patio/in a park? On a nice warm evening, you bet!

3)I didn't like them until I discovered I looked good in them.

4) none really

5) nope. I'm boring

Lucky13 said...

1) toasted almond bars
2) I prefer to do the eating rather than the grilling, so I guess that's a yes.
3) They work for me.
4) it's so cliche I know, but the Beach Boys.
5) The hours until my cruise!

Kirsten said...

1.) I really enjoy the blue ones.
2.) To clarify, grilling out means to cook on a grill...outdoors. Must be a MN term? Indeed I do. Usually it's too cold to really feel like it until, June, but whatever.
3.) Much better than seeing people's butt cheeks.
4.) Dani California
5.) Yes, the end of finals!

Nadine said...

1.) Fudge 'sicles
2.) Love it
3.) Good for other people
4.) I'm Yours, J. Mraz
5.) If I make it through this Wednesday, I'll have knocked out two major projects at work and will have more time for blogging! (Which I really miss doing...)

Anonymous said...

1. Otter Pops!!! Love the blue raspberry flavored ones...

2. Hot dogs and the blacker the better..gotta love those carcinogens

3. Definitely yes except for those grandpa looking ones that some guys wear

4. Boys of Summer by Don Henley

5. It's Arizona and the weather sucks here in the summer so countdown to pre-season (where my Coyotes get a do-over) and cooler weather!