Saturday, April 04, 2009

Pairings: Who are your leaders?

Dear fellow HLOGers and readers,

So, last night, I'm at the Flyers/Leafs game with co-workers Justin and Brandon. We're killing time, having a beer, deciding what ridonkulously over-priced concessions food we want to eat, and talking hockey fan memories, opinions of players, and - eventually - coaches and management.

Justin does not like the Flyers, despite being a fan of every other major sports team here. Brandon and yours truly do like the Flyers.

Nope, Justin's a Leafs fan. And in the midst of our fan talk prior to the game, he posed an interesting question that I'm posting here for any one to answer in the comments: Which team has the best coach and GM pairing in the NHL right now?

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Kerri said...

IDK if they are the best, and this is going to hurt to say, but the New Jersey Devils have a great pair. Sutter has been great this year (minus their recent slide) and their team concept and strategy just always seems to work with all FA signings. (And recently, this strategy hasn't even been to put fans to sleep! :-P) It's something I'm extremely jealous of. Plus the drafting is there, too, which makes it the complete package and completely unfair. They might not be number one, but I'd put them on top of the list somewhere. (Although Sutter might be gone within the next week because Lamoriello likes the glory of being interim playoff coach or something. :-P)