Tuesday, February 24, 2009


To my HLOG sisters, as well as our estblished and newer Gentle Readers:

What are your thoughts on ScarlettCaps, the Caps' site for female fans?

Just curious!



Shan said...

I'm not a girl, but the pictures of the players that make them look like models rather than hockey players is off-putting. Rename it HarlotCaps.com.

There's a section called Hockey 101, which is thankfully not as dumb content-wise as it sounds... until you click on The Positions. Yes. Females don't know about C, LW, RW, D, D, and G. In the same vein, the Hockey Lingo is a joke.

Well, it's not for me to decide whether it's offensive or not. I guess the point isn't to direct the site at a female Caps fan, but females in general... then convert them into hockey fans. (?)

It would probably be better to make a gender UNspecific website for new fans.

Ms. Conduct said...

It's not something I'd join because I know hockey and don't really want to hang with a bunch of chicks who are there for the social aspect or some kind of puck bunny club. BUT, I've been saying for ages that the sport's primary asset is HOT BOYS. Why are they not taking advantage of that with potential female fans?

Of course, this is coming from an AHL fan where the teams have to trot out all manner of nonsense to get butts in seats, so having a couple of ladies nights each season or other things geared toward women wouldn't be a stretch at all.

This may not be an incarnation of "catering to women" that I would want to join in on, but I think it makes a lot of sense for teams to at least try to snare some new fans using their masculine wiles.

Shan said...

And there'd be more fans at women's swim meets if they made two-piece bikinis mandatory. Gotta work your assets, ladies.

Hey, it's only sexist in one direction.

swissmiss said...

It exposes the Caps fan base as to what they are: a joke.

Lucky13 said...

They're assuming their female fans don't know squat about hockey. Looks to me like they're trying to hook themselves some bunnies.

The tough-guy pix are...amusing.

Cherry Bomb said...

I haven't seen the site yet but I have a weird feeling that they totally stole my bit!

Kerri said...

I agree completely with Shan. It would come off a lot better if this was a website just for new fans, male or female. And if they wanted to have a woman-centered website, with those kinda-hilarious model pictures, that'd be OK too, because I think the NHL should promote the fact that they have a lot of good looking guys playing the sport. It can't hurt.

Actually... the idea of having a separate site for women is kind of sexist, in general. Separate isn't equal, right ladies? But at the same tokin, they can appeal to girls on their usual website without being obvious. Nice pics of the guys would be a good start, and maybe a more personal touch about the players.

I don't have a huge problem with this; a lot of a girls don't know the game, and it might make them familiar. But it's wrong to think that all men do know the game.

Anonymous said...

Hockey needs fans..period. It may be a little gimmicky but if they can keep the "beefcake" factor to a minimum, I say go for it. I didn't find the site all that demeaning and I am a new fan to the sport. The idea of having a "unisex" site was also appealing. Again, I say get em hooked.

Nadine said...

Sharon, welcome to hockey fandom! Thanks for commenting.