Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Six

Second week in a row. I fail, but if you email me suggestions, I might remember to post it on time...
1.) Do you enjoy being on the water? (any kind, pool, lake, river, ocean)
2.) How awesome are sunglasses?
3.) When is it spring where you live?
4.) Do you like sprinkles?
5.) Does slang irritate you?
6.) How many songs do you have on your iPod/music player?


Ms. Conduct said...

1. Yes, love it. As long as it's not choppy.
2. They're okay. I'm too cheap to buy good ones though.
3. February
4. Like on a donut? No.
5. Only if I don't understand it.
6. like 8 days worth. And I don't listen to most of it.

Kirsten said...

1.) Yes. It's kind of required being from MN, also being on the crew team.
2.) Super awesome. Especially when you can get sick ones from Nordstrom's for $10.
3.) February. It was like May when I got off the plane in January even.
4.) For sure I like sprinkles.
5.) I'd be the biggest hypocrite ever if I said yes, but I firmly believe there is a time and a place for it.
6.) 14 days. I need a bigger iPod.

Lucky13 said...

1) Yes indeed
2) Totally.
3) In a month, at least according to the calendar. Stays kinda cold for a while tho.
4) Love 'em - no ice cream cone is complete without chocolate sprinkles.
5) Only when it sounds stupid.
6) about 500

Cat said...

1.) Do you enjoy being on the water? (any kind, pool, lake, river, ocean) I'm not fond of the ocean, or pools. Lakes and rivers, though? Count me in,
2.) How awesome are sunglasses? They would be more awesome if I didn't have prescription glasses. I'm seriously considering getting contacts just so I can wear sunglasses.
3.) When is it spring where you live? You assume we have a winter that needs to end. A couple of days ago, it was 55 degrees at night. Right now, it's 34. Texas weather blows.
4.) Do you like sprinkles? Not really. They're okay sometimes on cupcakes or something, but I can't stand donuts, which is what I associate sprinkles with.
5.) Does slang irritate you? Only if it sounds stupid.
6.) How many songs do you have on your iPod/music player? Let me check. 3811, although I have over 15 thousand on my computer.

Kerri said...

1.) I love the water... sometimes I get freaked out about livings things being in it though. I'm a baby. But I have a horrible jellyfish story so...
2.) Sunglasses don't fit so well when you wear glasses like almost every day because your eyes are too senstive to wear contacts all of a sudden. -ahem-
3.) Um... I think like Aprilish it gets nice... the real spring is May- the middle of June, when it starts to get hot.
4.) I have to be in the mood for sprinkles.
5.) Depends on what it is. We all do it a little bit, but then there is the complete destruction of the English language... I'm not fond of that.
6.) Like three days worth?

k.m.stiles said...

1. I do like the water...especially the ocean!

2. My eyes are really sensitive to the sun so I have to wear sunglasses when driving.

3. Spring comes early in CA.

4. Sprinkles are fun!

5. Certain slang irritates me.

6. Not sure. I'm mostly into listening to podcasts so I only listen to my music if I've run out of podcasts.

Sarah said...

1.) Yes, especially the ocean.
2.) I'm indifferent, mostly because I always lose mine.
3.) Marchish.
4.) Sure.
5.) Not really.
6.) About 4500 on my iPod right now I think. I haven't updated it in a while though.

Gray said...

(1) Yep
(2) Very awesome
(3) Whenever it feels like it, honestly
(4) on what?
(5) lolwutnoob?
(6) a lot

Katherine said...

1) makes me somewhat nervous. (Swimming class conflicted with dance class as a kid, so I never learned how to swim.)
2) Especially the awesome Coach pair I saw at the Coach outlet last weekend? The one's that were 60% off? The one's I didn't buy and I'm kicking myself about? They were awesome.
3) Late March - Mid April
4) Yes.
5) No, peeps. Then again, I advise college students as a profession, so if it irritated me, I'd be out of a job.
6) 819 songs. I've pretty much maxed out my iPod Nano.

Rachel said...

1.) Eh...I could take it or leave it. Being from a land-locked state, you're not really used to spending a lot of time on the water.
2.) So awesome.
3.) Middle of March
4.) Sprinkles are like my crack.
5.) It depends on what you define as slang.
6.) Well over 5,000

"Dave Schultz" said...

1. In a boat. Not in the water, certainly not in swimwear.
2. Pretty much the shizz
3. for like a week in May
4. rain ones? no. Cupcake ones? heck yes!
5. In essays that are supposed to be proper writing, speeches, etc yes, otherwise not so much. Unless it's overdone by peeps trying to up their street cred.
6. a lot?

McPhizzle said...

1. I live for it. Boats, beaches, pools, I'm down.
2. So awesome that I have 5 pair I rotate regularly.
3. March-ish. I add the ish because it snow/hailed on Thursday. Hard.
5. Sometimes mostly internet/text slang. "R U 2" good to use real words?
6. I've got all 4 GB filled on my little green dinosaur.