Monday, December 15, 2008

Thesis Time!

A moment of shameless self-promotion, if you will.

I am now virtually Teka, Master of Arts, as I submitted my thesis for review as of this morning around 11:30.

AAAAND, because it's all on women around hockey, it seems appropriate to give all of you a taste of what I've been slaving over for the past year and a half.

Without further ado:
Go forth and read joyfully.


Dayna said...

Congrats! I read the abstract and it sounds really interesting, once I finish writing my seminar papers for the end of the semester I plan to sit down and read more!

Lucky13 said...

It's so excellent that you "thesized" this topic. Kudos to you for laying it out there.

The female fan is indeed a complex animal, and an untapped market. Like Nadine stated on your website about the ED ads, they are so blatantly catering to a male audience (one of my faves being the Arby's commercial when the girlfriend walks into the room all sexy-like carrying a sandwich, and the Arby's logo, which is a tall hat, springs up over the guys head like an erection - leaves very little to the imagination).

Another issue is the girly pink jerseys. I know some hloggers like them, but to me they just feed the dichotomy. I'll stop there.

Teka - well done!!!

Sarah said...

phew - I don't think I have read that many pages in one go for a long while :)

that was fascinating, thank you

I couldn't agree more that the NHL is missing a significant trick with its marketing, which is clearly aimed squarely at younger males. I can't believe, however, that they haven't researched / tested alternatives. Perhaps more "family friendly" or "female friendly" advertising does more to alienate the male fans than the male-centric ads do the female fans?

Of course it's hard to measure the trade off. Like fighting in hockey - we all know that a lot of people (and not all male) are specifically attracted to the sport for the fights. Another large group are put off by them. Who's to know for sure which is the larger group?

Thank you also for pointing me at the paper written around the Manchester Storm. I have never seen this before, and it was very interesting indeed. I had no idea, for example, that over here (I'm in England) hockey has so much more of a gender-balanced audience than other spectator sports. Yay, go Brit hockey :) I also am a little disheartened by the "we all know what they are here for" comments from the male Storm fans, as I honestly haven't directly experienced that kind of attitude from male hockey fans here. Only when I have been in Canada. But then again maybe it's what they think but don't say it to my face :)

My argument has always been that if I was just attending sport to ogle the fit guys, hockey would be the LAST sport I would choose - you can't see them! I'd go to football (the type you call soccer), no helmets and nice short shorts ;) Unfortunately, the game makes me yawn. Hockey on the other hand is my lifeblood.

Kerri said...

Great Paper.

You did an immense amount of research (if watching hockey really counts as research…haha) and it’s obvious the amount of time you spent. Really commendable.

I thought you hit the nail on the head with your ice girls discussion; who it hurts, and why. I was at an Islanders game, and they introduced Ice Breakers, which are like Ice Girls (which they also have) except for they wear LESS clothes and do simple, simple dance moves with pom poms. Loving hockey, and being a dancer for 17 years of my life, the whole Ice Breaker movement is even more painful. And pitiful.

The current movies/books/music culture of the female fan was great… who knew Mighty Ducks portrayed the most progressive view of the female fan (lol).

Can you forward this to Gary Bettman? Because I’m ok with pink jerseys… I own one… but I don’t wear them to games. At games, I want to wear my team’s colors, show them off proudly, be as member of that team, even if I’m just sitting in the cheap seats. It’s pretty simple what most female fans want.

Congrats! I handed in my thesis last week... what a load off your back, hmm?