Monday, December 08, 2008

My Internet Hockey Boyfriend

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(Apologies to my actual boyfriend who is on the internet but not into hockey. Also Steve Dangle has no idea who I am. I just admire from a far. He's a little young for me. I'll stop now.)

Have you seen Leafs Fan Reaction lately? You really should. No, seriously. Go now. I'll wait...

Isn't he fantastic? OK maybe I find him funnier than most other people, but I find him both smart about hockey and able to make fun of his team while still showing the love. Below are some of my favorite videos to give you a taste.

Greatest Hits
Getting Brodeur'd - Some of my favorite bits are the ones involving the player figurines. Nothing beats Brodeur. "Blocker side? More like NO GOAL SIDE!!"
Sundin's Hamlet - Just watch. Shakespeare + hockey = Win
Nuh nuh....nuh nuh nuh nuh.... - I'm biased. I love having seen the Sharks beat the Leafs twice in the last 2 seasons. But I also love watching the carnivorous Joe Thornton card.
Hockey Drive-Thru - I think it's fantastic how blurry the figurines get when they get close to the camera. And the McSorley joke is pretty good too.
Hockey Night in Canada Theme - That suit is full of win.
Ron Wilson Signs with Leafs - Gray loves this one for all the Joe Thornton figurine actions. I love his new Hockey Night in Canada theme.

I suppose he's easier to like for me cause I don't often care about the Leafs and the Sharks only face them once a year. Give the kid a chance and at least you'll have a good chance of being amused.


"Dave Schultz" said...

hockey drive-thru may be the best thing EVARRR.

I share your love of Dangle.

wrap around curl said...

I'll fight ya for him!

Shan said...

He probably has no idea that he has women interested in him. Some guys are just complete unaware and yet they get the attention.

Hockey_Princess said...

OK I just have to reply to this a Habs fan, I hate to admit it, but I love this guy. Someone said he's smart, he knows his stuff and he isn't afraid to 'call out' the leafs, it's all true.I couldn't help but rate them all and I subscribed. I can't wait to see more from him. Thank you for posting about him. You really never know what you will find on the internet!

wrap around curl said...

Oh he knows Shan, I emailed this post to him. ;)

Also, his eyebrows are amazing.

Sarah said...

you're not alone, I love him to ittle bittle pieces too :)

gutted he's going to stop these after this season

Becca Jane said...

he's going to stop these after this season

That's a major bummer, this guy's stuff is gold!

Not even a leafs fan and I can't get enough of him!


wrap around curl said...

@Becca: He isn't entirely sure if he is done after this season. He is thinking of reducing his workload. The dude is always busy and I am surprised he ever sleeps.

Pssssst! You can friend him on Facebook.