Saturday, December 13, 2008

"McP the Elf, What's your favorite color? "

Well, since there is a huge wind storm here and I can't sleep, I might as well be productive. Getting right down to business, my job today is to report to Santa and let him know who on the Sharkies (or around the league) has been naughty or nice and let him know what a few people need for Christmas.

Naughty list - as a perpetual optimist, I tend to look for the good in people, so this list is rather short.
*Rob Blake - Match penalty for spearing last night warrants a lump of coal in his stocking.
*Brett Festerling (ANA) - The potentially dangerous hit on JR last night. Two lumps of coal and a flaming bag of poo for a present.UPDATE: It was released this morning that JR will miss some action due to the shoulder injury sustained by Mr. Brett. Let's up the bad present-thon up to three lumps of coal a flaming bag of poo and some really ofensive gas. **Personal note: Brett, Brett, Brett... I'm really excited that you made it to the show (especially since you played in TRI for so long), but can you please refrain from breaking my favorite players? He's old enough to be your father - Respect your elders and don't hit them in the numbers.

Nice list -
*Devin Setoguchi, Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau - whatever they want, they should get. fer reals.
*Jonathan Cheechoo - a new upper body so that injury will go away.
*Dan Boyle - See suggestion for Seto, Joe and Patty
*Nabby and Boucher - See suggestion for Dan Boyle
*JR - scoring stats reminicent of his days in Chicago
*Vlasic - a jar of pickles... and some more goals - kid's doing better than all last season already this year. Keep it up!
*Jody Shelley - another crack at Parros
*Coach McLellan - Players who keep buying into his systems
*Little Joe Pavelski - More wins at the ping pong table
*Torrey Mitchel - A new leg
*Cavanagh, Clowe, Goc, Grier, Michalek, Plihal, Erhoff, Lukowich, Murray and Semenov - 6 more months of exactly what they have been doing.

In other words, Santa, without jinxing anything, my reccomendation is that you bring these guys something that starts with an "S" and ends with a "tanley Cup" You can deliver it via Mr. Bettman in approximately 6 months.

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Mina said...

My name is Minako and I approve of this post. (Especially the last part.)