Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Five

1.) Do you take cold medicine, or do you just tough it out?
2.) Do you keep all the books you buy, or do you give them away when you are finished reading them?
3.) Are you a good speller?
4.) Does your room/house have a particular theme?
5.) Do you ever faceplant down the stairs for no apparent reason?


Ms. Conduct said...

It's 2 a.m. so I'm calling Friday:

1. Better living through chemistry, baby.
2. I sell them at half-price books if I don't want to keep them.
3. Absolootlee.
4. No. Though I do keep threatening to get a Fathead to put on the wall of my office where I keep my hockey gear. When there's a Mikko Koivu Fathead, I'm on that like stink on poop.
5. I usually fall up stairs because I get lazy and don't lift my feet enough. Man, that's really lazy.

wrap around curl said...

1. Cold medicine naps rule.
2. I keep them. I hate loaning out books since people never bring them back.
3. Typically.
4. My room? Very electro pop Andy Warhol.
5. No. But I have tripped up stairs. That's talent and skill right there.

Lucky13 said...

1) Dope me up, man.
2) I keep the ones I like and donate the other ones to book drives.
3) Sertenly!
4) Not really - I just go with colors that I like.
5) No, but I fall up the stairs frequently. Must be the Jimmy Choos.

elise said...

1. The only stuff I normally take is Advil.
2. Usually they just sit around my house. Or get loaned to people.
3. Most of the time
4. If there's any theme to it, it would probably be hockey. Although there seems to be a lot of dots too.
5. Following the apparent trend, I seem to fall up the stairs most of the time. Or run into things; like doors or walls.

Katherine said...

1) It definitely depends on the cold, and what I have to do that day.
2) Yes. This is proving to be a problem, as I'm moving to a new apartment soon, and have too many books.
3) No. Spellcheck was made for me.
4) Seeing that I live in a studio, I think the overarching theme is "small and overcrowded."
5) Yes, on an entire flight of stylized rough concrete stairs. It is the most embarrassing story ever, too. I ended up separating my shoulder, hurting my knee, hitting my head, and I still have a scar on my shin 7 years later. Worst. Day. Ever.

Nadine said...

1.) Hello Dayquil? Nyquil?
2.) Keep my faves, donate the rest.
3.) For the most part.
4.) Goodwill for the most part, with a hint of IKEA.
5.) No. I usually trip up the stairs.

(@Katherine: Ouch!)

Kirsten said...

1.) I try to tough it out, but if I can find 8 hours to sleep I'll take meds.
2.) That depends on the books.
3.) Sometimes, though I do make copious use of
4.) At the moment my room is themed "DELTA GAMMA!" at home...I'll just go with not themed.
5.) Yes, apparently I do. I made like 25 people come running.

k.m.stiles said...

1. I take cold medicine when I can't take it any more.
2. I keep them. But I sold almost all of my textbooks from college.
3. I think I'm a good speller. I hate it when I read stuff that is littered with grammatical errors and misspelled words.
4. I rent so therefore I don't decorate.
5. Can't say I have.