Friday, December 05, 2008

Friday Five

1.) Would you rather have someone cook for you or clean for you?
2.) What color do you rarely wear?
3.) Do you put up Christmas lights?
4.) What is your favorite color of car?
5.) What do you do when you're stressed?


wrap around curl said...

1. Clean. I love cooking but hate the clean up. I use a lot of spatulas.
2. Brown. It's so blahhhhhh.
3. As soon as I find where there are in storage, ya.
4. Ooooo depends on what the car is. But I tend to like vivid blue like on the Subaru WRX STI.
5. Lose sleep and my face tends to break out.

Gray said...

1) Cook
2) Yellow
3) It's not Christmas without a blinding string of glittering lights.
4) Whatever color car I can afford.
5) 2-3 miles on foot or 5-10 on a bike

Kirsten said...

1.) I like doing both, but I guess I'd have to go with cooking.
2.) Orange. It doesn't suit my skin tone.
3.) Yep, my whole house is on board with this too.
4.) Black
5.) I bike or swim, sometimes I throw tennis balls at the wall, too.

Mina said...

1. Clean. I can totally cook, but my general rule is whoever gets cooked for has to do the cleaning.
2. I don't have a lot of purple.
3. Technically, it's against our HOA rules to hang lights outside, but I'll prolly do it anyway when I find some.
4. I have always loved red cars, but my Blackberry Pearl Fit is pretty sexy.
5. Bubble bath and chocolate milkshake. And a new color of nail polish.

Cat said...

1.) Would you rather have someone cook for you or clean for you? Clean. I HATE cleaning, but I rather enjoy cooking.
2.) What color do you rarely wear? Yellow. I'm Asian, so I have the whole yellow skin tone thing going for me, and wearing yellow makes me look awful.
3.) Do you put up Christmas lights? Not outside, although I might this year. I don't know.
4.) What is your favorite color of car? Silver! I LOVE silver cars.
5.) What do you do when you're stressed? Beat things up. Or cry. Or lose sleep.

Lucky13 said...

1) Cook
2) lavendar - yecchh
3) lots - inside and outside
4) red
5) lose sleep, eat chocolate if I have any.

Kerri said...

1.) Clean. Although I haven't gotten the chance to really learn how to cook so...
2.) Black. I wear bright colors, usually.
3.) Yes! My dad was on the roof yesterday doing it... I usually do the trees and the bushes and the windows while my brother and my dad string the lights on the house.
4.) Depends on the color shade. I usually don't like black, but my boyfriend got a sparkly green-black ford and I love it. I usually like green though.
5.) Drive. If I'm really stressed, crying helps.

Ms. Conduct said...

1. Clean, by a LARGE margin. I hate cooking but I can just make a bowl of cereal if I want. There are no toilet scrubbing shortcuts.
2. Yellow
3. Nope
4. Red
5. Lose my appetite (I should be stressed more!)

Nadine said...

1.) Cooking for sure.
2.) It's been well-detailed here and on my blog: pink.
3.) You can have Christmas without lights?!!? (Living on the 6th floor, I place them on the interior windowsills...pix will be on my blog after my open house next Friday.)
4.) I've long wished to have a British racing green Mini (with the black hard top).
5.) I blast The Clash and go out for a loooooong walk.

Katherine said...

1) Both? I can't cook, and I don't like to clean.
2) White or light pink - I have a bad habit of spilling coffee on myself in the morning.
3) I did in college, but I haven't since.
4) Black. It's nondescript, and I drive so poorly, I don't want to pay attention to myself.
5) Drink coffee and try to ignore the fact that I'm stressed.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

1) Clean - I despise cleaning even the tinyist mess.
2) I never wear pink
3) Not outside my house
4) Shiny new red ;)
5) I eat all the chocolate within reaching distance.

Rachel said...

1.) That's a tough one. I'm going to go with cleaning though. I don't mind cooking.
2.) Any color really...I stick almost solely to black and grey.
3.) Nope. When you live by yourself, what's the point?
4.) Black
5.) I eat even less than usual and find that the littlest things make me ridiculously emotional.

Marie said...

1. clean. I like things to be clean, but I don't like cleaning.
2. I rarely wear orange.
3. I don't put up Christmas lights, but I should. I love seeing Christmas lights!!
4. I like dark blue cars.
5. Whenever I'm stressed, I make lists. It helps to clear my head.

leanne said...

1. Clean, clean, clean.
2. Pastels of any sort.
3. Not really. Unless it's a permanent decor choice.
4. Red, baby, red.
5. Sleep. Or wish I could.

Anonymous said...

1. Both! If I had to chose one, I'd say cook.
2. Green. I just don't like the way in looks on me.
3. yep, this year I put them up mid November
4. Black, with black tinted windows.
5. Eat. But I'm working on changing that.