Saturday, December 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Habs

Despite a week full of … unclassy… NHL behavior, it was a real highlight Thursday evening when the Montreal Canadiens proved they are one of the classiest franchises in the sport.

The New York Rangers came to town to help Montreal celebrate their 99th birthday on December 4th. Montreal kicked it old school with sweet jerseys that had their old “CA” logo (standing for “Club Athletique Canadien,” which the Habs were known as until the establishment of the National Hockey League). This is the start of the Canadiens’ centennial year, and if I do say so myself, it was great to see them kick it off with another Original Six team.

The classiest part of the event was when Montreal introduced Ron Greschner, Harry Howell, Brad Park, Rod Gilbert and Andy Bathgate. Because, just in case any of those names don’t ring a bell, those aren’t classic Canadien greats.

They’re Ranger greats.

Lafleur, Richard, Moore, Savard, Rousseau and Houle represented the Habs as the Canadiens had a pregame ceremony celebrating the Original Six rivalry and history between the two clubs. I’m expecting to see similar presentations for the other Original Six teams.

What a tasteful move by a class act.

Apparently, the Rangers thought the only way to repay them was to play the worst game they’ve played all season. Lundqvist said it was like an NHL team playing a non-NHL team. We wouldn’t want the Habs to lose on their birthday, would we?

No matter. Still a great move by a great organization. This fan appreciated it, anyway.

Happy Birthday Les Habitants.


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