Sunday, November 23, 2008

Zeiler? Are You Kidding Me?

Could Zeiler suck any harder?*.

Why is he even in the lineup? He seriously has a negative contribution to this team**. Check this amazing stat:

In 3:25 of ice time, Zeiler caused the team to be shorthanded for 5 minutes, which would have been more if the Avs didn't get a 2 minute penalty on the same play. In fact, Zeiler accumulated 19 minutes in penalties and was only on the ice for 3:25. Even if you don't include the 10-minute game misconduct, Zeiler had almost 3 times as many minutes in penalties than he did playing on the ice. Derek Armstrong must feel like absolute crap knowing that Zeiler is in the lineup and he's sitting on the sidelines.

*I don't like Adam Foote, but I'm glad he's ok. Hopefully Zeiler's ridiculously unnecessary hit will convince Coach Murray that he doesn't deserve to be in the lineup.

**Actually, the only positive contribution he made to the game tonight was getting himself thrown out so he couldn't taint the team anymore with his awfulness. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the NHL suspends him because he blatantly gave Foote an extra shove into the boards head first. I hope the NHL suspends him for the rest of the season so Murray can't even think about putting him in the lineup.

***Woah, the Kings just scored two goals while I wrote this post. Maybe I should keep blogging....

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Anonymous said...

If I hadn't seen the hit myself, I would have thought it was an absolute cheap shot by the crap I am reading. If you watch the play again, Foote looked back three times before deciding which way to go. Foote is a big boy and Zeiler was actually pivoting when he made contact. Foote should have stayed on his feet but fell way the hit should have done that to him. The official didn't even call it right away. A minor for charging at best...get off Zeiler's back!

k.m.stiles said...

Let me guess, you had never seen Zeiler play before. Because if you had, you would have known that hitting people is all he's known for, and quite frankly, he's not even that good at it. Foote did look back several times, knew Zeiler was barreling in on him, but, in my opinion, was probably expecting Zeiler to check him normally....NOT shove him in the back with two hands, head first into the boards and then finish it off with a check. Was it boarding? Yes. Was it dirty? Yes. I'm not a fan of Foote, but that was a dirty hit by someone who barely has a spot in the NHL.