Monday, September 01, 2008

School takes the choices from me

Normally I would say I am dying to go to every single Oilers game, the Habs game, and the Leafs game, but this year I only get to see something like five games out the 41 I could have tickets for. I am excited to see all of them. I really hope one is an Avs game so I can see Sakic one more time.
If I come home for spring break (rowing pending), I will get to see maybe two more games. School has made me excited to see EVERY.SINGLE.GAME. I go to. I'm ashamed to say this was not the case when I got to sit in my parent's season tickets and see all the games I wanted and watch the rest on TV. This has made me spoiled since I no longer have the time to watch all the games on TV.

Moral of the story: Seeing fewer games has made me far less picky about who I see.

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