Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Five

1.) What is your favorite kind of fruit juice?
2.) Any labo(u)r day weekend plans?
3.) How dark do you like your toast?
4.) What's the best part about summer being almost over?
5.) How many email accounts do you have?


Connie said...

1) Orange juice.
2) Fly back from the east coast, BBQ, and maybe another BBQ. Oh yeah, sleep.
3) Enough to where it doesn't hurt when I bite into it.
4) That the hockey season is going to start soon!!!!
5) 5 or so...

Cat said...

1.) What is your favorite kind of fruit juice? Anything, really. I love all fruit juice.
2.) Any labo(u)r day weekend plans? None. I may go over to my dad's or something, but we kind of treat the weekend like any other.
3.) How dark do you like your toast? Not very - I like light, fluffy toast.
4.) What's the best part about summer being almost over? Obviously, hockey about to start. Also, being from Texas, when summer nears its end, that means the 100+ degree days stop.
5.) How many email accounts do you have? Probably three or four.

k.m.stiles said...

1. Cranberry juice or Pomegranate (sp?) juice.
2. Going to a wedding on Saturday!
3. Very lightly browned. I hate eating burnt food.
4. The hockey season is just around the corner and soon it will be fall and winter, which means sweater weather!
5. Four, but one of them is a joint account. Oh wait, 5, if you count my work account too.

"Dave Schultz" said...

1. Kool-aid. oh, wait. No fruit there. Apple juice I guess.
2. sleep, relax, be lazy
3. almost burnt, but not burnt. Lots of butter
4. HOCKEY, cooler weather (I hate hot)
5. Five I think.

Ms. Conduct said...

1. The kind with vodka or tequila in it
2. Took the dog to the beach today but that's it. Might harvest my lime tree and make a key lime pie. Who wants a slice?
3. Medium
4. It's a toss up between the oppressive heat being gone for a few months and hockey season almost starting.
5. 3 personal, 1 work

Valerie said...

1. not a juice drinker - would rather eat the fruit itself
2. some golf, a workout, hanging around, consuming wine, maybe catch some of the Ottawa 67s camp, keep an eye on the developing story around Mezzaros....
3. golden brown
4. aside from hockey, there is nothing good about summer ending.
5. 4 (3 personal 1 work)

Kerri said...

1.) I like orange juice.
2.) I'm going upstate New York to get autographs from the New York Ranger's farm team, the Hartford Wolfpack. Super excited :-)! And start writing papers, unfortunately.
3.) Really lightly toasted.
4.) HOCKEY and nothing. Maybe that Christmas will eventually be here.
5.) Three emails... professional, school, and personal.

Kirsten said...

1.) Strawberry Breeze.
2.) Fly to Oregon, get all my crap unpacked.
3.) I basically warm the bread.
4.) I love winter, in MN that is. Um, hockey, the end of my internship.
5.) 3 personal, 1 school

Nadine said...

1.) Cranberry
2.) May catch a movie
3.) Medium
4.) Hockey season, of course
5.) Counting work, 5

elise said...

1. orange juice or apple juice
2. writing essays for college apps and going to the open skate on Monday
3. not too dark...light brown
4. my summer is already over - I started school last week
5. 4

Anonymous said...

1) Orange Juice
2) Nope
3) Not dark at all.
4) Nothing is good about it.
5) Many