Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weekly Topic: Hockey Games, Here I Come!

Even though several notable Kings changed teams the past few months, Lubomir Visnovsky is the only former King I want to see. I will definitely attend a Kings/Oilers game and perhaps my fangirl alter ego will make an appearance with a sign professing my unconditional adoration of Lubo. I'm confident that Lubo will be well-received by the LA fans and if he's not I will personally unleash a verbal tirade on every booer in the stands. As much as I liked Cammy in a Kings jersey I don't plan on seeing a Calgary game. He stopped doing it for me through the latter half of the season. The only reason I'll be at a Sharks game is because the Kings face off against them in their home opener, which I Will. Not. Miss. When I was a youngster the home opener was one of my favorite moments of hockey. I would sit in front of the TV with a little spiral notebook and would write down each Kings player that stepped onto the ice and from that point on I would memorize every single player and his number. Two years ago I finally attended my first home opener and sadly I missed last year's game because I was out of town. Even though I'll have to pay to see yet another Sharks game, which in turn means paying to see JR and Blake play against my guys, I am not missing another home opener. Blake will skate to the sweet music of boos, but I will keep my mouth shut in respect of Connie's undying love for him.

There are some Kings home games that I plan on attending based on players that moved during the previous off-season. I thought last year's free agency period was tremendously more exciting than this year's free agency period and I hope to capitalize on the new and much improved schedule to witness firsthand some of the players that are in their sophomore year with a new team. I'm tempted to buy tickets to the Kings/Rangers game on Dec 17th because I still want to see Drury and Gomez. I don't expect anything mind-shattering from that duo but I still want to see them. Danny 'Le Petit' Briere and Joffrey 'Dreamy Eyes' Lupul will be visiting LA on Jan. 3rd and I will most definitely go to that game. Despite being Avery's only fan I would rather not attend another game against a Pacific Division rival, but who knows, maybe my brother and I will go to a Kings/Dallas game in "Avery We Love You" t-shirts. With the exception of the home opener, the game I most looking forward to is on Nov 20th when the Caps come to town. I still haven't seen Ovechkin play in person and I am dying to go to that game!

Looking at all the games I want to attend I'm really glad and appreciative that the Kings added several new ticket packages. In addition to full- and half-season packages, there are three (3) 10-game packages available to fans: Big Game, Weekend, and Flex. The Big Game package includes tickets to "the ten biggest marquee contests of the season", something that does not interest me since that means sitting through a Detroit game among the most insufferable fans ever. The Weekend package includes only weekend games and the Flex package allows a fan to choose any 10 games. These three packages also offer some of the benefits provided to the full- and half-season ticket holders, with the Flex package offering the fewest benefits and the least amount of savings. Despite not being as lucrative, the Flex package is the one I will most likely purchase because I'm fairly certain I'll want to attend 10 games this season and I will gladly accept any savings and benefits available.

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