Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Five

1.) What subject in school was always the hardest for you?
2.) Whose autograph would you most like?
3.) What word bothers you?
4.) Can you do cartwheels?
5.) Which color do you wear most often?


wrap around curl said...

1. Ughhhh. Math.
2. Chuck Klosterman. I want him to sign my battered copy of Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs.
3. Blog. It sounds like an illegal Swedish sex act.
4. Uhm negatory.
5. Black. Makes sorting laundry easier.

Ms. Conduct said...

1. P.E.
2. I dunno. I don't much go for autographs. I might like my Aeros goalies to sign my goal stick... yeah.
3. Shootout
4. Not even a little
5. Either blue or green, I guess.

Connie said...

1) The harder math classes. Calculus? Pfft.
2) Rob Blake!
3) Any sort of racial slur
4) Yes and with full extension.
5) Blue

"Dave Schultz" said...

1. math, science
2. Drayson Bowman's on my Carolina bag or Carey Price's on my Price sweater
3. the "C" word, anything sexist, racist, homophobic
4. not anymore
5. red or blue

k.m.stiles said...

1. English. I hated it too!
2. Gretzky.
3. Tit. I just really hate the way it sounds....I don't know.
4. Yes.
5. Blue

Kerri said...

1.) Math was always hard for me. But PHYSICS is what did me in completely.
2.) Alexander Hamilton's. Yeah, the guy on the ten.
3.) The "p" or "c" word for female anatomy. I don't know, they're just disgusting.
4.) I can cartwheel :-). All those years of dance school and gymnastics has to pay off for something.
5.) I like happy colors, like pink, yellow, orange, etc.

Finny said...

1) math. :(
2) ummm.... AO.
3) none usually.
4) when I was like, 4.
5) black. it's slimming. ahhahah

Kirsten said...

1.) Philosophy in college, English in high school.
2.) Joe Sakic
3.) moist
4.) YES, and round offs.
5.) Green, though this summer my work attire was blue.

elise said...

1. Math or Science
2. I would have liked to get Wes Walz's before he retired/moved to Florida to coach.
3. Hustle. I don't know why.
4. I used to...who knows if I still can.
5. It depends on the season

leanne said...

1. Phys Ed or maybe art
2. Not really an autograph person
3. Words are weak. Nothing bugs me much.
4. You're kidding, right?
5. I was thinking black, but not really. Brown? Blue? Red? Can't find the rest of my crayons, sorry...

Anonymous said...

1.) Chemistry, specifically balancing chemical equations.
2.) Ryan Lochte, Queen Elizabeth, Sally Ride
3.) 'cute'
4.) Yup
5.) Blue

Anonymous said...

1.) ...No subject is too bad.
2.) I dunno.
3.) Depends who's saying it.
4.) Yes
5.) Blue/Black/Red

Lucky13 said...

1) stat theory
2) Don Maloney
3) ugly
4) It ain't as pretty as it was when I was a kid, but yes.
5) brown

Chumplet said...

1.) Grammar, which is ironic, since I'm now a writer
2.) I always wanted The Rocket to sign my copy of The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carrier, but it's too late now. Oh, well... I got Ron MacLean's!
3.) Spaded. It's supposed to be spayed.
4.) Yes, but I'd probably pee myself.
5.) Beige. I'm very, very beige.