Thursday, June 26, 2008

Free Agents Abound

I can think of only two players at this exact moment that I want more than anything on my team (besides the ones I already have that need their contracts renewed *cough-Carcillo-cough*). One I'm not sure is even coming back to the NHL and the other is a far-off dream... but this is MY post, I can dream if I want to.

All I have to say, NHL, is give me Teemu Selanne and Mike Green or give me death!! I mean, hey, we can be sneaky and underhanded and steal an RFA from a team... we have the money (don't really have the greed for it, though). We could be this season's Penner-squee incident.

Either that or we'll sign some random guy to get us through another year while we wait for our kids to toughen up and get their butts here.

Yeah, that could work too.

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