Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Poppin' Wheelies

I know you're all completely devastated that you haven't had your normal dose of Coyotes news, but never fear. We're still here (sorry Winnipeg). I've been slacking lately because, well... just because I haven't really cared lately. Blasphemy, I know. It is what it is.

Here's the deal, the Coyotes are signing prospects. Joel Gistedt, Jonas Ahnelov, Kevin Porter, Chad Kolarik. We haven't, however, signed our 2004 5th overall pick Blake Wheeler. He left the University of Minnesota on May 9th(ish) and we have 30 days from then to sign him. I haven't heard even the slightest whisper that anything is going on there. So what happens? We lose him? He becomes a free agent? Sheesh. He's a good player Maloney, get on the ball.
I believe I heard that his agent is the same guy who allowed and/or encouraged my little Slovakian heart to become greedy and leave me in the lurch. Not this time Mr. Agent Man... please? I need my players. The ones I care about, I mean. I'm bored with some of the ones I have, I need new blood!!


Lucky13 said...

Hey at least you have something hockey-ish to talk about. The biggest news on the Rangers front is Dan Girardi's impending nuptials, and the question of whether Ryan Hollweg will ever shave his stache and/or cut his hair.

Tracy said...

That's a negative on Hollweg. He likes to make people squirm.

Lucky13 said...

If I were him, I'd be squirming after his gaffe of a penalty in series 2, not to mention his lack of points in the regular season. I love him, but it's getting hard to find any redeeming qualities that would keep him as a regular on the NYR roster.