Saturday, May 24, 2008

Calder Cup Time!

It's official. The Chicago Wolves are moving onto the Calder Cup FINALS!

They played with sincere desperation last night despite leading the series 3-1 against the Toronto Marlies (can someone seriously explain to me what a 'marlie' is? Is it some sort of cracked up, misspelled version of 'marlin?'). Pavelec – AKA baby Jesus resurrection – made some absolutely ridiculous saves and the team mauled him at the end of the game. That was, without a doubt, the best moment of the year. Seeing them all on the ice, jumping up and down together and listening to them chant 'Ole Ole Ole, Ole, Ole!' (Which really doesn't make any sense because we're playing hockey here, not soccer; but I guess they couldn't think of anything else, and they were already high on victory and smelling salts so they didn't know what they were saying).

They will face either the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins or the Portland Pirates (series tied 3-3) in the finals. It all depends on tonight's game. But does it really matter? The Wolves are lords...or their playoff mustaches are giving them some wicked good luck.

Update: They will be against the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins in the Finals.

Photo Courtesy Chicago Wolves.


Q-girl said...

Hooray for Ondrej and Hooray for Chad Denny. I like fancy goalies and the hulking nasty defensemen that stand at their gates. It is nice to see some Q boys doing so well their first year in the AHL.

Q-girl said...

Oh wait, Chad is ECHL this year. Doh - my bad

Teka said...

Dammit, Joe Motzko. Quit coming back to haunt me, you traffic cone.

Dare said...

Marlies history

Though the link doesn't really explain how they switched from Marboroughs to Marlboros to Marlies, but hey.

"Marl" is apparently a type of fertilizer...

From what I understand, the Marlboros have also been known as the Marlies, and when Toronto got an AHL team, they went with Marlies.

Amy Lynn said...

Teka - Motz didn't play in the last couple games because he was injured but he received a nasty high stick during the Rockford/Wolves series and had a glorious shiner.

G-girl - Gotta love the Ondrej.

Dare - they just don't want to be affiliated with cigarettes. They had a dog mascot running around in the crowd...which is bizarre.

elise said...

I remember Pavelec from following Cape Breton Screaming Eagles, his team last year.

And the time he climbed up a snow covered full gear

and then somersaulted back down

Amy Lynn said...

Yeah I watched that too. Funny Pavelec. I think he's going to make a great goalie in the NHL; he just needs a little bit more training and then I think he will be ready.

Teka said...

I was just SO HAPPY when he left us, because he seemed to think that the puck was God's gift especially and only for him, and NEVER EVER PASSED. He and Road Cone Pokulok were really my two Bear chew toys.

I'm also a little bitter because I feel like he keeps riding teams to championships without doing much... he has a Stanley Cup ring for playing 2 minutes in 2 games for the Ducks during playoffs, and I don't want to see him come in at trade deadline and win the Calder as well.

(But damn, you mean he got into something enough to have a shiner? I'd love to see pictures of that.)

Amy Lynn said...

I haven't seen any selfish streaks in him yet. In the regular season with us he has 16 assists & 6 goals, and in the playoffs he has 9 assists & 2 goals. He seems to be his interviews, but I'll have to see how I think when I get used to him.

He wasn't scrapping; Domish, of the Icehogs, smacked him real hard in the face with his stick and cut him right above the eye. He had to get stitches but was back out within 10-20 minutes. The next game it was absolutely black. I don't have a picture but it pretty much looked like this.

Teka said...

Maybe he's actually found his team this time then.... it'd be nice, as I think he's done like 4 in the last two years, poor guy.