Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Five

Friday snuck up on me this week!
1.) Are you allergic to anything?
2.) What do you like on toast?
3.) Which stuffed animal was your favorite as a child?
4.) Do you have a pencil cup? What does it look like?
5.) What is one thing you never leave your house without?

PS, if anyone has any brilliant questions that they would like to see put to the wonderful readers of HLOG, please drop me a line at, and your question will be included in a Friday Five with credit given.


Connie said...

1) The stuff that flies in the air in springtime.
2) Butter
3) I think a white bear with a santa hat.
4) I have a pen tray. It's green and unexciting.
5) Key, wallet, phone, and clothes.

Blitzen said...

1. seseme anything, some nuts, pollen, animal fur (which has not stopped me from owning cats and a horse)
2. peanut butter and honey or, when fresh from the garden, tomatoes and mayo
3. some black and white thing
4. a rainbow mug
5. my house keys

McPhizzle said...

1.) latex, strawberries, raw tomatoes, pecans, kiwi, honeydew, cantaloupe, apricot... and the list goes on - I've got Latex-Fruit syndrome
2.) Just grape jelly
3.) My cabbage patch doll, Lorna Tifny (that was the name that came on her birth certificate)
4.) At work it's a split circle that you can open and it has little slots for pictures. At home it's a terracotta pot. I heart Sharpies.
5.) My cell phone. If I forget my keys, I can buzz myself into my building.

Cat said...

1.) Are you allergic to anything?
Yes, but I'm not sure what.

2.) What do you like on toast?
Peanut butter, regular butter, preserves (strawberry preferred)

3.) Which stuffed animal was your favorite as a child?
The teddy bear I still have.

4.) Do you have a pencil cup? What does it look like?
I do now. I have a drawer that holds a bunch of random stuff though, including pencils.

5.) What is one thing you never leave your house without?
My cell phone.

Anonymous said...

1.) You name it, I'll react to it. (ask me about my skin disorder.. no, really!)

2.) Cream cheese.

3.) A stuffed lamb named "Lamby" who plays 'Greensleeves' Lay off, he was with me almost from day one, and my mother thinks it wasn't originally his name, just me identifying what it was, and they called it that.

4.) Yes, I made it in an underwater basketweaving class. (Dead serious, I wove the thing underwater.)

5.) My keys, and Chapstick. (brilliantly, they're attached to one another!)

Kirsten said...

1.) Mold, all antibiotics, numerous skin things, pollen, dust...

2.) Peanut butter and honey or strawberry jam. I also like butter and cinnamon sugar.

3.) A bunny named Emily.

4.) At home I have a soup can, at school I have a Ben and Jerry's pint carton.

5.) Cell phone, sunglasses, rain coat...

Rachel said...

1.) Something in the air at spring because my eyes water non-stop for a good month. Oh, and codeine.
2.) Butter; sometimes jam or peanut butter
3.) I had this bunny I got for Easter when I was eight that had these giant corkscrew-like elastic ears. I slept with that bunny every night for YEARS...
4.) Only at my office. It was actually a gift from a co-worker and it's a very nice wooden pencil cup with a Predators logo on it (imagine that!).
5.) Chapstick, my keys and my BlackBerry

elise said...

1. I'm a lucky girl, I am allergic to nothing.
2. butter/jam or butter/cinnamon sugar
3. I didn't have any stuffed animal I was super attached to but I did have a blanket.
4. I have two - one is like a cool woven thing my friend brought me from Costa Rica and the other is a wooden box I built at the State Fair when I was like 10.
5. my cell phone

leanne said...

1) Hairy animals, dust, etc..
2) I can't believe I'm the only one to say Nutella. Also, mushed up avocados, seasoning salt, and lime juice. But that's not with Nutella.
3) I had a giant blue dog that was big enough to pretend it was a pony. Or a couch.
4) Here I'm using a 1 kg coffee can. It's crammed full, sadly.
5) Um. Clothes.

Stephanie said...

Whoops...I'm a day late! So sue me...

1) Ragweed
2) Peanut butter or butter and strawberry jelly
3) I had a little yellow dog named Henry (still have him)
4) At home it's a glass from my Alpha Phi Omega semi-formal. At work it's a One Sweet Whirled Ben and Jerry's pint.
5) my purse (which hopefully contains all the necessities)

Anonymous said...

1.) Yes...Pepper cheese...
2.) Jelly, Butter
3.) A white bear I named Patrick.
4.) It's an old lima bean can.
5.) Chapstick.

k.m.stiles said...

1. Penicillin (and I'm pretty sure I spelled it incorrectly)

2. At home: Butter. At restaurants: Butter AND Jam.

3. I had so many stuffed animals. There was a small dog that I really liked...

4. At home I have two pencil cups and both are from Humphrey's in St. Louis. The bar lets you keep the plastic cups.

5. Keys, wallet, phone, and lip gloss.

Ellie said...

1. No allergies!

2. Peanut butter

3. A duck that was o so originally named "ducky"

4. Nope

5. My purse

Anonymous said...

1. bees, deathly allergic
2. butter, cinnamom & sugar
3. i had a few
4. nope
5. cell phone, purse & a book