Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekly Topic 1 - Playoffs

Some of you seem to be having difficulty with this one, not I! I have no problems letting you know just who I am rooting during this wonderful, beautiful time.

Honestly, since the Coyotes went on a suck-slump at the end of the regular season and booted themselves out of the playoff run, I've been cheating on them with my mistress. What can I say? She does it for me. ;)

Calgary. My 1B. If I can't win with my home team, I'm going to go for gold with my adopted team. I only wish they weren't paired up with San Jose, who is delighting in playing like their former selves and really trying to kill my (other) boys.

It's actually pretty grand considering I enjoy watching San Jose play, they're quite exciting, but if it's between them and my Flames, to HADES Sharkies.

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