Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Hockey Gods <3 The CBJ

As I am sure you aware the Columbus Blue Jackets don't have very much luck. Well, I think (hope) that it's going to change this coming season. We got rid of our big salaries (Footer and Feds) made some awesome trades (Wilson and Rome for Platt) and well, we were in the playoff hunt at the beginning of March, something that had never happened in seasons past.
The Blue Jackets have about $20 million to spend this off season, pretty sweet huh?! Well, we used up some of that today when we signed our top defenseman Jan Hejda to a three year contract worth $6 million. You may say, well who is Jan Hejda...well, he's a stay at home d-man that we signed last off season. You may also say, he's probably not any good...you.are.wrong. Jan Hejda was our best d-man, he was a plus-20 on a team that was a minus-25. That my friends is impressive...now we just need to sign some of our RFA's (read as Rome and Pazzy) and also Michael Peca, and I will be happy.


Q-girl said...

I heart defensive defensemen. I heart the word 'defensive defenseman'. I have a blog post prepared about our defensive defenseman whom I hope returns as an overager, but it is just not posted yet. I am still grieving.

Next year you and your jackets will get your turn at a post season. I have said a prayer to science. Now you have God and Science on your side.

I can almost smell Pazzy in the air today. Yes the boys are in town and my camera is charged up, tucked into the abyss and good to go. Goalie hunting season officially started yesterday. The jr. goalie incident this past weekend was a total case of illegal poaching.

Bethany said...

Aw you are just losing all your boys!!
I hope we get into the post season...that would be fabulous. And shoot with the hockey gods and science on our side, we can't lose!! Right?
Okay, if you stalk...I mean find Pazzy give him a hug and tell him Bethany loves him. :)

Anonymous said...

Coaches are probably reading this right now, nodding in approval and making some phone calls. :P I'll have to keep my eye on Hejda when we play against each other next year next year.

Bethany said...

He's a stud!! He will wear the numero ocho!!