Saturday, April 26, 2008

Can You Believe This Guy??

Scene: A sports bar having lunch with KMS2 and another friend. We had just come from meeting Kings goaltender, Jason LaBarbera, at a meet-and-greet and decided to grab a bite to eat. There are about 537 TVs in this shingdig and we decide to ask our server (who sucked) if she could change one of them to the Detroit/Colorado game since 99% of the TVs were showing basketball or football. We thought that having ONE of the larger TVs on hockey would have been acceptable.

Can you guess what happened???

If you guessed that we were able to watch the game, you are completely wrong.

There was a table with three dudes sitting and having their lunch and the TV in front of them had a basketball game on it that was one about 5 other TVs. So we thought, "Hey, let's get that one changed because it doesn't look like anyone's watching that specific screen." Well, one of the guys got up from the table immediately and got a server to change the TV right back to the basketball game. When he learned it was a table of three chicks that wanted to watch the hockey game, he looked over, threw on a huge smile, shrugged his shoulders and said, "Sorry!" He then sat back down and scarfed down his food.

This guy was unbelievable! All he needed to do was move his food and move himself to the other side of the table he was sitting at since there was a gigantic TV DIRECTLY BEHIND HIM with the same game on!!! Needless to say, we left the establishment annoyed and with a bad taste in our mouths.


Soph said...

Wow, that's awful. It can be hard being a hockey fan in California.

The only time I went to a sports bar to watch a game I had asked the bartender if they would be showing that particular Sharks game so he was expecting me. Although I must say that I never got the audio, even after all the other games ended. They put on music instead.

Anonymous said...

I would have gone over and punched him in the joke.

k.m.stiles said...

There were so many things I wanted to say to this guy (even though he was probably at least 6'4" 250lbs) but I kept saying to myself, "just let it go, just let it go..."

I seriously can't think about this anymore or else I get really mad.

Ellie said...

that sucks - i've learned there are certain places you just don't go to if you're trying to catch a hockey game in pittsburgh.

CKim said...

It was really unbelievable. Honestly, this guy could have been civil and just sat on the other side of his goddamn table. Maybe he thought it would have been too crowded on the other side since that guy was heavier than him! Maybe you should lay off those onion rings, guys!

Shan said...

Maybe he was hoping you'd try to persuade him with your girly advances.

Nadine said...

CKim and KMS2: Next time, call the server who changed the station over and get that TV turned back to your game! (He/she should have refused to change the station on that set in the first place.)

If the restaurant believes in customer service at all, they'll do it. Because the customer is always right (unless it's Ed Debevic's).

Tracy said...


We get that here a lot. They don't want to put hockey unless it's a hockey specific event. (Read: Unless the Coyotes pay them to.) If you beg and/or bitch and moan (with a big enough crowd) we can sometimes get them to change a single TV to any given game. But it never fails that the one TV is the one they stole out of someone's 1970's RV (meaning it's usually the 15-incher) in the farthest possible corner from where we are.

Then as soon as the basketball/football crowds get loud enoguh, they change it to the general consensus and we have to get ghetto and threaten lighting the place on fire to get our mini-tv back.

CKim said...

Thanks for the support, guys; I knew REAL hockey fans would understand.

Shan - That's a negative.

Nadine - You would think that she would have refused to, right?? Well, even before she did that I decided I was only gonna tip her $1 because the service was TERRIBLE, and it's not like she was super busy because she was standing around a lot. But after that, it was set in stone; she only got a dollar tip.

Tracy - Oh, the game was definitely on their 10" screens that were 20 feet away from us.

Kerri said...

I can believe him, as much as I don't like it. "North American Big Four" my butt. Hockey is the lowest of the low... with soccer and lacrosse, maybe.

You'd figure, though, when he saw you were girls, he might have been willing to flirt it up and let you watch the game. Or maybe chilvary would kick in. Who knows.

I'm sorry about that :-(. It sucks being a hockey fan, ya know.

CKim said...

when he saw you were girls, he might have been willing to flirt it up

You'd think!!! It's not like any of us look like Freddy Kruger here! Chivalry is dead apparently. It totally is NOT part of the "4 major sports." Bah

anonBILL said...

EXACTLY how it is here in San Diego. the one decent hockey bar is also an LSU bar. blah

Lucky13 said...

What's next - no bullriding on any of the TVs???