Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our team may stink but we can still party on with Garth!

Even though it was freezing in the Nassau Coliseum parking lot, a few fans got a bit closer to their favorite team yesterday.

As most of you know I'm the administrator for the Islanders official bulletin board. A few months ago I had this idea to do a tailgate to celebrate the end of the season. Turns out the day was a success. We had visits from Garth Snow, Bruno Gervais and our TV team of Howie Rose and Billy Jaffe. I'm really happy that everyone had such a great time. Most fans generally do not get to hang out with their General Manager and I'm always impressed by how accessible our team is. :)

link to the story on the Islanders website


Anonymous said...

That's so cool. Even if it's freezing, there is nothing that can replace hanging out with those kinds of people on your team.

Lucky13 said...

Well done, I-Chick. Good way to keep your chin up and close out the season in a positive way.

I just wish your team beat the flyers over the weekend!!!