Saturday, March 29, 2008

Don Cherry does love Minnesota after all!

Minnesota got TWO, count 'em TWO shoutouts from Grapes himself tonight. The first was concerning Derek Boogaard and how much he likes him, and the second was about Doug Risebrough's decision to sign Foster for next season so he doesn't have to worry while he is rehabbing. I'm not generally a big fan of Risebrough, but right now I think this is a classy move. WAIT, THREE shoutouts! (I'm watching HNIC right now in case you didn't notice, so I'm updating. It's Scott and Kelly now, so I'm done I promise.) He just said that if the Wild play the Ducks in the playoffs, that Minnesota will destroy them. I love you, Don Cherry.

Grapes just told Joe Thornton he needs to keep clean shaven. I forgive him for everything he's ever said to make me mad.

One other not completely hockey note: David Suzuki, my hero of life, talked about Earth Hour on Hockey Night in Canada, and told us all we can keep our TVs on to catch the end of the game. He's so cool.

Cassie Campbell just said "tearing it up". She's my female hero of life. I'm so happy she's still in hockey.

PS, was that post too long for just the regular posting style?


Shan said...

Don Cherry -2
Cassie Campbell +1
David Suzuki +1

Team Canada is even.

Kirsten said...

Don Cherry amuses me to no end, but I'm still surprised that he took time away from talking about the Leafs to give Minnesota three shoutouts. Positive ones even.