Monday, March 17, 2008


Do you guys remember my fairly optimistic post from about a week and a half ago? The one where I was all "blah blah confidence blah blah Stars win Pacific blah blah"? Yeah, I'm pretty mad at myself for writing that right about now.

Since I wrote that entry, the Stars have won one out of the five games they've played. Since the trade deadline, they are 3-8. Since Brad Richards started playing, they have won two games. Both the Ducks and the Sharks have surpassed the Stars in points. I actually calculated it - the Stars would have to win every game remaining, and the Ducks and Sharks would both have to lose at least 4 games each in order for the Stars to recapture the division.

My question? How did this happen? Was it taking away three members of a team that was gelling quite nicely? Was it adding a 7.8 million dollar man? What the hell happened? If they keep going at this rate, they can kiss the playoffs goodbye. Now if you'll pardon me, I'm going to go get drunk to deal with this pain.


Shan said...

Yeah, I was thinking Dallas was the biggest Western playoff threat as they have scoring depth and a solid blueline. I am as surprised as you are.

But the situation isn't that bad, it'll turn around.

Shan said...

In fact, the real question is...

What happened to the Sharks?

Christina said...

I feel your pain for sure, Cat. The Rangers lost to both lowly Florida teams when they should have come home with 4 points. I reiterate your question: How the hell does this happen???

Shan said...

Maybe it's because Mike Ribeiro decided to stop pretending and to be himself.

Cat said...

Mike Ribeiro is letting me down, for reals. We did not sign you to a 5-year contract only to have you SUCK IT UP, Ribs!

Christina - I don't know how it happens, I think the teams need to let us in on it, though. It's only fair, right?

Shan - We USED to have a solid blueline. Having 3 rookie defensemen worked for awhile, but it's started to crumble a bit. My dearest Matt Niskanen is playing a little bit like ass without Sergei Zubov by his side, and the team is sorely missing Philippe Boucher as well.

Christi said...

i think it's so easy for everyone to freak out and point fingers. yeah, losing as much as we have sucks...a lot. i hate seeing that our boys aren't playing to their fullest, but it happens.

i think we have just been sitting in a slump and hopefully after getting booed off the ice at this afternoon's game, something will light a fire under these boys and they will start playing like they can.

and on another note, i just stumbled over your blog and i enjoyed reading what you have wrote. :) GO STARS!