Monday, February 04, 2008

The Hockey Chicks

You probably already know Julie Robenhymer from hockey buzz or Flyers Buzz TV. She's the one who rolls out the red carpet for Marty during episode two (and can be seen in the preview clip below playing some bizarre game with Marty at the Skatezone).

But did you know Julie hosts a weekly webcast called The Hockey Chicks? And that chicks call in and talk about hockey? Yeah yeah, you probably already know. I guess I was the last to find out about this! In case you don't already know, or you need a reminder: the call is every Monday night at 9 PM EST. I've been listening to some of the archived episodes, and all I can say is Julie knows her stuff. She knows hockey. Wow. And, she was Miss New Jersey 2005! And she knows hockey! How cool is that?

Even cooler is the fact that she's been checking out the HLOG ladies. Last week she recounted kms2's story about her season ticket vs wedding/wedding gifts story. And on another webcast last week, she referenced Jordi's blog (she likes shoes, and therefore Jordi's blog subtitle).

So I guess what I am trying to say is: check it out! The ladies gotta stick together! And seriously, she knows her hockey!


CKim said...

I have been listening to this podcast since the first episode and yes, Julie does know her stuff. But she also can't stop talking to save her life (which is something that she's admitted). I liked that in the first episode all three women were just trying to feel out the whole podcast and didn't want to step on each others' toes. But as they got more comfortable, it started to turn into The View and I couldn't stand it. But I still listen because they are women who have knowledge of the game and I respect that.

Although, I think someone told Julie to not dominate the whole freaking podcast because on the last episode she definitely wasn't talking as much.

Sherry said...

Julie did send me an invite to call in on the PodCast, but I didn't really understand the e-mail (it was directly from the podcast site) and I only got it an hour before the show so I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to do with it.

But thanks for the heads up! I'll check it out to see what it's all about definitely.

Julie said...

Hey Kirstin!

Thanks for the plug :)

Here's a link to just listen to the show...if you want to call in the number is 724-444-7444 and the talkcast ID is 10532. Also there's a chatroom on during the show if you'd like to post questions for us to chat about. On the docket today...The NHL's Three Stars for January, the situation with Ray Emery and playoff predictions...

See you then :)

Ok so the badge doesn't work here but you can find it in my blog on

Tracy said...

I got the invite to call in as well but I, like Sherry, was kind of stumped as to what the whole thing was about. I logged in and listened though. Trying to catch a feel for it since I had only ever listened to the first one.

KMS2 said...

my 300 minutes per month cell phone plan with nights starting at 9 pm PT doesn't really jive with the hockey talk session. Julie, thanks for the shout out...I'm still working on getting it done but for some reason my fiance keeps insisting he was "joking" and I'm not quite done putting together my PowerPoint presentation for my parents as to why the season tickets plan would be best for all paying individuals involved in the process. I'll let you guys know what their reaction is once I finally do tell them. I don't anticipate it to go very well since so far, for some reason, my mom hasn't been too accepting of my eloping suggestion.

Julie said... problem I thought your story was great! I hope they'll at least go for a partial season ticket plan!! lol

A few things for you...You don't have to call in to can just stream it live either through the link in my blog on or you can just go straight to and click on the listen live link there...if you do the latter it will launch a chat room (you can either register for free to have your own name to identify you or you can just log in as a guest) and through that program you can also call in (your computer must have a mic and speakers to talk and hear obviously) using "shoephone" - it's like the phone via the internet. The chat room during the show is great - you can pose questions comment on what we're saying or just talk amongst each other. The more ladies we get involved the better and the more interesting the shows will be.

Sounds like a bit of a process, but it's not - promise :)

kristin said...

Yeah Julie, you make it sound so complicated! Just go to the link in the post and click on "listen"!

(Of course, to hear it live you will have to wait until next Monday, but you can listen to tonight's show in the archives. And tonight Julie even let a GUY talk! Whoa, scandal!!!)

And good show tonight Julie, good flow and lots of input from everyone!

Finny said...

I got the invite too, but also had zero idea what to do with it. :) Plus, I couldn't really make the time (had a meeting). But maybe some other day.

I haven't had a chance to really listen to the podcasts yet either, but I didn't even know about the Hockey Chicks until I got the invite.

McPhizzle said...

I see the stereotype about pageant girls lingers on...

I didn't know about the podcast, either... I'll have to tune in sometime. I'm always down to support another MAO (miss america org) Participant, especially in anything hockey-related.