Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fricken Habs

I'll keep it short. I was shrouded in hockey darkness, what is known as how Christmas break ruined my life.

And Crystal Ball Huet. Beautiful. Amazing. Whatever the flip the Gods gave to us. A little silent puppy who clung and clung and clung.

Too bad he had to be put down.

Oh I mean sent to the Caps.


Shan said...

It was a good move, I think. Probably couldn't have gotten any more for him than they did. Now they can develop Halak as well. It's a bit jarring though, and Huet will be missed.

Dayna said...

I think they definetly could have gotten more for him, he was their no. 1 goalie when he was traded.

I read some interesting stuff about this move though, that it may have been in anticipation of a Hossa deal, (he was rumored to have been coming from Atlanta with a goalie originally, not Dupuis) that may have fallen through.

It's a definitive move, that's for sure. I guess we should all say 'hello' to Carey Price.

Kerri said...

I could have swore this was the intro to something big. Maybe Emery being moved? I don't know. I certainly didn't think that with the way Montreal has played, they would sell off their number one goaltender.

It's absoultely unreal.