Friday, February 08, 2008

Dear Islanders,

The fans acknowledge that we're a last place team. There will be no miracle run at the last playoff spot this year. We're fine with that because getting smacked around by the 1st seed season after season has worn on us. Please feel free to unload anyone on this team at the deadline that can be moved. Please do not trade the 1st rounder OR go off the board. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Good post, I hope Garth is catching up on internet reads. :)

I totally agree.
Instead of taking in players looking for the last hurrah, why don't we go for the younger guys? Build up a whole new team.
Bridgeport has given us Campoli, Dp, Gervais, Bergenheim, etc... Comeau and Okposo are fresh and will defidently develop in to great hockey players.
I feel that the NVMC is like the Island of Misfit Toys, we harbor players... Mike Comrie is the Charlie in a Box, Satan is the lion with wings, and Guerin is Rudolph!
Can I link the hlog in my blog? I think it's pretty cool! :D