Friday, January 04, 2008

I Know it's a Little Late...

So yea, I'm a little late posting this, but after the game I went to sleep and pretty much didn't wake up until now. But hey, it was well worth it.

So if you havn't guessed it; yes, I went to the Winter Classic, or as I call it, the Ice Bowl. I froze my butt off, but loved every second of it. I wasn't planning on going at first, until Christmas when I was surprised with a pair of 20th row, center ice tickets to the hottest game in town. (THANK YOU UNCLE TED!)

It was pretty much amazing. Bagpipes led the players in for warm ups, then smoke and flames later for the game. Fresh snow filled the stadium for most of the game, and most of the stadium didn't take a seat until the game had finished. And let me tell you, hearing 71,217 fans all chanting "Let's Go Buffalo!" gives you chills.

Well, here are some blurry, not great pictures of the game (snow and a bad camera don't make a great shot):

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